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Paragon Games

We’re brewing a Magic: The Gathering tournament series for Australia’s MTG community.

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What is the Paragon Games Tournament Series?
The Paragon Games Tournament Series is a multi-event Magic: The Gathering tournament for Australia’s MTG community. The first series will be running in Canberra.

Why are we running it?
There is no shortage of competitive MTG players in Australia, but Australia doesn’t have an on-going large scale tournament series for them to compete in. We are running the Paragon Games Tournament Series to give these players high-stakes events in which they can battle against the best local players for pride and cash prizes.

How does the Paragon Games Tournament Series work?
We are planning to run two Paragon seasons a year. Each season will consist of a series of fortnightly open events, in which players are awarded Paragon Points depending on how they place, followed by an invite-only Championship for the season’s best 16 players. Players will earn an invitation into the Championship by either winning an open or being amongst the top 11 Paragon Point leaders (excluding open winners).

What are the prizes?
As well as a chance at a place in the Championship, we aim to guarantee a minimum cash prize pool of $250 for the top eight of each open and a minimum $500 prize pool for the Championship.

Why else should I enter the Paragon Games Tournament Series?
The Paragon Games Tournament Series is shaping up to be one of the most exciting Magic tournaments Australia has seen. This is a chance to be part of a special moment in Australian Magic history.

We’re also planning to have a range of unique perks, such as tokens by a local Canberra artist, only available for people who play in our events.

Unlike for those in North America and Europe, opportunities to earn Planeswalker Points are sorely lacking for Australians. All Paragon Games Tournament Series events will be officially sanctioned, giving Australian players more local opportunities to rack up points and earn invitations to World Magic Cup Qualifiers and those valuable byes for GPs.

Why you should support
Paragon Games?

In order to compete with the world’s best MTG players, Australia needs a stronger competitive MTG scene to develop and grow the competitive player base. The Paragon Games Tournament Series fills this gap by offering an ongoing competitive series, cash prizes and an end of season high stakes Championship. Our events give MTG players a place to regularly test their skills, gain experience and be on par with the best players in the world.

But that’s not all. The Paragon Games Tournament Series can also grow the MTG eSports scene, which is great for anyone interested in following competitive gaming. We want a live stream and commentary to share the tournament with the rest of the world and showcase Australia’s MTG talent.

The Paragon Games Tournament Series will grow the Australian MTG competitive scene and create a tournament series that is fun, challenging and rewarding.

Which resources do you need for the project?

Stir money can help us achieve three main objectives:
Player rewards! – We want to reward you as much as we can for playing in our events. Stir funding will help us add in some extra perks for our players like promotional tokens, dice, playmats, life notepads or booster packs.

Build our website – We have a vision for a feature packed, interactive website. Some up front cash will go a long way to help us get there. Again, getting this solid now gives us the ability to generate revenue in the future through advertising and to coordinate multiple tournaments as the series grows.

Fund gear for event coverage – We need a lot of gear to make this work! Cameras, cables, lights, software. We have the knowhow and the people, we just need to be able to cover the once off cost for the gear. This is a long term investment that opens doors for us to generate more revenue in the future through things like advertising on stream at future events.

Where will Paragon Games
go in the future?

Canberra is just the beginning. We want to take the Paragon Games Tournament Series to the rest of the country and make this Australia’s premier national MTG competition.

Paragon Games is looking for collaborators

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Who is behind Paragon Games?

Virgina and Kanishka

My Skills: - Active members of the Canberra and Melbourne MTG scene - Previously organised large-scale events

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