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OzGuild is digitising the Magic: The Gathering marketplace with a revolutionary online platform.

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The time has come to vanquish to scourge of unmanaged Magic card collections… but who will fight for players and stores alike when facing this terrible foe? We need a champion, a hero, a savior! We need OzGuild!


The OzGuild platform features machine vision technology, for the rapid digitisation of individual and commercial collections. This digital catalogue can be accessed and managed via a user account on the OzGuild website and mobile app. Store’s feature their catalogued stock on the Store Hub, allowing access to customers around the world. Players can now purchase cards from as local a source as possible.

Why you should support

We’ll be building the live stream with matches and events held at Canberra’s local game stores. already has a following for games of Magic and is the perfect platform for us.

We can get the word out using OzGuild’s presence on social media. Word of mouth will help as well, as we involve the community in deciding types of games and match ups.

Which resources do you need for the project?

This is an opportunity to demonstrate our technology while showing off the talent of Canberra’s MTG community with a live stream of Magic games.

The technology is ready to go and we already have access to the perfect space. As for players, any Canberran Mage is welcome!

We will use the Stir money for the equipment required for a high quality live stream; webcams for HD streaming as well as microphones and lighting.

Where will OzGuild
go in the future?

As a branch of OzGuild, this project will scale with the company. With more and more players and stores using our produc,t we can introduce more funding and resources to our streams. We can grow to bring local players from different cities head-to-head, feature pro players and

We want bring players together from all over the world and strengthen the global community that surrounds Magic: The Gathering.

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Who is behind OzGuild?


My Skills: Magic Player, Master Biomancer, Management, Marketing, Customer Engagement

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