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A graphic novel series about a young military conscript with electricity manipulating abilities

The story: Outsider takes place in a fantasty universe, in a world maintained by five element Gods. These Gods created sentient life and gifted to a small portion humanity their elemental powers, allowing them and their descendants to wield these elements.
Centuries later, elements are commonly used as a tool for fighting.
Lyra Alexanders, a 16 year old electricity and sword user, is an orphan residing in the country of Victoriana. Due to her assumed origins associating her with a terrorist group, she is often a target of spite, but upon finishing her final years of schooling, she and her peers are about to enter into the recruitment training stage of a two year long military conscription. Now, the young soldier in training is determined to to gain the respect of those around her and to be a part of something important, as well as learn more about her true origins as questions begin to arise.

The creator, aka me: My name is Jaimie McCaw and I’m a Canberra based graphic design student and comic artist. Outsider is my first, and currently only, large scale work.

The way I develop the pages is by sketching out the page with pencil to use a template to develop the pages digitally in Illustrator and Photoshop. I do also incorporate a lot of traditional art into cover pages and general related artworks- For this I use mostly Copic markers.

The demographic that would find the most interest in this are young adults, but its not something I can really pinpoint down to a very specific group. Its a piece of fantasy, action and adventure, but also explores many types of relationships, societal inequality, the effects of war, corruption and the feelings and ideas that motivate characters’ and groups actions. I’m trying to build a diverse group of main and side characters to represent the fact that so many different kinds of people exist in the world- racially, sexually, ideologically, etc. I believe representation matters because everyone deserves to feel included in the media they love.

Why you should support

With the support of this grant, I could further develop my career in the comic industry, and build the popularity of a story that is interesting, diverse and has had a lot of hard work put into its development.

Which resources do you need for the project?

I currently use a very old and slow laptop to create the pages digitally so I would like very much to update my computer. I also use up a lot of traditional artmaking materials; and to continue using the software that I use, I need to be able to afford my monthly Adobe subscriptions. And of course it costs me to print.

Where will Outsider
go in the future?

If successful, my updated resources would enable me to work much faster. I also would like to develop some merchandise and with an increase in popularity, I hope to be able to make some money off my work, since being alive is nice and all and I need money to live.

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Who is behind Outsider?

Sole Creator

My Skills: All of them

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