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Orbit is a party series that provides a diverse and creative atmosphere. Our parties support local acts and create a space for you to boogie

Orbit launched at the start of 2018 and has seen some amazing international and local DJs pass through it’s dance floors. The party has expended it’s reach online through a mix series/radio show. Here we are able to give local musicians a platform to display their work. It’s parties have revived spaces in the aim to create an alternative and different nightlife experience.

This project is for all Canberrans that love dance music.

Why you should support

This project is fostering the community and arts scene in Canberra and offering a more diverse night out.

What is the project’s current state?

The project has run three successful parties with the help of venues in Canberra. From this, we have developed strong relationships with artists and touring companies in Canberra and around Australia.
At the moment, we don’t have the infrastructure to put on another party as venues in Canberra are scarce. We have a strong connection and following within Canberra to continue to put on gigs however we rely heavily on collaboration.

Which resources do you need for the project?

Primarily we need the capital to rent a venue. This will be returned through ticket sales but put directly back into the next party.

Where will Orbit
go in the future?

This project has the potential to grow. After operating for only 6 months, we have been able to learn and grow following each party. We want to diversify our online content as well to push the reach of the Canberra scene beyond our territory.

Orbit is looking for collaborators

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Find out more about Orbit

Who is behind Orbit?

Party animal!

My Skills: DJ - radio show host - zine maker

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