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Nameless Publications

A publishing collective to support and distribute zines and other media made by independent young producers .

Nameless zine collective is designed to provide a space for young creators in Canberra to come together and sell their zines and creative pieces. Activists and artists alike utilise zines as a way to publish their voice without the imposition of an editor and the tedium of waiting to be published. Self publishing results in a quick turnaround, more authentic content, and autonomy for the artist over their work. A stir grant would allow the collective to cover the costs materials and printing and allow artists to sustain their work.

Young people who appreciate art, writing and design.

Why you should support
Nameless Publications?

People should support this project as it will create a space for producers of zines and other printed media in Canberra to come together and promote their material. Through a centralised collective the producers will able to effectively engage with the community, having stalls at big events and providing an avenue for future collaborations.

What is the project’s current state?

The project is in an energetic starter phase. We have stalls booked at No Front Fences festival and Noted Festival. A collective of about 50 producers has formed on facebook to begin creating content. Key relationships have been developed with other creatives in Canberra.

Which resources do you need for the project?

To start the project we really need funding to be able to support producers in printing their zines. Without funding it is up to artists to print their materials – which can be expensive and unrealistic – meaning that artists cannot create. Money to support printing and binding is essential. With funding we can support more artists and provide an incentive for more talented people to join the collective.

Where will Nameless Publications
go in the future?

I see this project as becoming self sustaining; allowing producers to sell their works and in turn use that profit to fund future projects. To continue the project I intend on using my budgeting skills (I was 2016 treasurer of the ANU women’s department, managing a large budget) to efficiently distribute to creators funding to print the first run of their work, money which will then come back to the project as it will allow artists to keep on publishing their work. Getting off the ground is the hardest part when combining art with commercial enterprise; a grant will allow artists to realise that their independent work can remain independent and still be funded.

Nameless Publications is looking for collaborators

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Who is behind Nameless Publications?


My Skills: Organisation, enthusiasm, drive, vision

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