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Musho Laundry

Mushō Laundry (meaning ‘Free Laundry’) in Japanese aims to design cool apparel to sell to the public to support events and social causes.

Mushō Laundry is an emerging design organisation that produces quality and original designs and helps raise money for a cause. They are not only passionate about giving access to quality designs made locally for Canberrans but they strongly believe in supporting local events, ideas and world-wide social issues. They have a strong interest in what people are trying to achieve and they also care deeply about the issues happening in the world outside and inside Canberra.

This project is for people who like to buy quality clothing with cool graphics printed on them and it is also for people who care about helping and raising awareness about things that should be noticed.

Why you should support
Musho Laundry?

This project will not only provide local people to have access to various design products ranging from apparel to prints but they will also be raising awareness by purchasing goods at the same time. To gain more awareness, Mushō Laundry will produce works which are relevant to the cause they are supporting (The cause will be voted by the local people every year). The project will also provide a platform where creatives from the arts industry as well as creatives from different disciplines can publish their work.

Which resources do you need for the project?

Funding for this project will go towards:

1) Sponsoring events, social causes
2) Paying the team and artists
3) Purchasing art supplies
4) Clothing to print on
5) Logo tags for apparel
6) Printing
7) Stall exhibition space
8) Promotion

Where will Musho Laundry
go in the future?

Looking forward, Mushō Laundry will aim to raise enough money to be able to support and sponsor various events, arts and social issues. They also aim to expand into a bigger organisation, not only delivering products and raising awareness in Canberra but also interstate and possibly expanding further. They would also love to start collaborating with other artists and people apart from the art industry and become more of a multi-disciplinary organisation. They want to start making videos, music and other cool arty things too. They are open to experimentation and ideas and are happy to take on any challenge. They have a big and strong goal to not only make Mushō Laundry a growing and impactful organisation but to build a strong community of people who want to help others and make a difference.

Musho Laundry is looking for collaborators

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Who is behind Musho Laundry?


My Skills: Natsuko Yonezawa has many different skills which will help the project to be more creative and broad

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