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MOONBOY By Josh Garrard Design

MOONBOY By Josh Garrard Design is a T-shirt design project, created and screenprinted in Canberra.

Moon Boy is a simple little moon with a simple little message: “Don’t Be An Ass.” In order to transmit his message to the world, Moon Boy has a plan: A line of head-turning threads that spread his message and looks good doing it.

MOONBOY is a T-shirt design project inspired by a long-term dream of seeing my work on tees and owning a design brand. The idea is to start screenprinting the designs onto shirts and then selling them online, with the hopes of one day collaborating with other artists and designers and expanding the brand into into a larger business.

Why you should support
MOONBOY By Josh Garrard Design?

Not only would this project bring to life an exciting and fresh new line of threads, but it would also support myself and other local artists and designers by getting our work out for the world to see.

What is the project’s current state?

Other than the designs I have already developed, this project is currently only an idea.

Which resources do you need for the project?

Currently to make this project work I will need more equipment for printing, and some initial funds for my first order of shirts.

Where will MOONBOY By Josh Garrard Design
go in the future?

In the future, I would like to see this small project eventually grow into a larger business and expand the range of products produced (hats, jackets, etc). I would also like to start collaborating with other local artists and designers and give them the opportunity to put their work onto my products.

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Who is behind MOONBOY By Josh Garrard Design?

Creative Director

My Skills: Graphic Design, Illustration

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