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Minted is a music blog, focused on House music and currently expanding its musical remit.

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Minted is a music blog I have been writing for the past year. During it’s inital 12 months I have focused on covering House music that I haven’t seen written about online, guided by the music I buy as a local DJ. Along with track reviews, I have written discussion pieces and interviews with global figures in Underground House music, such as Todd Edwards and Kevin McKay.

A few months ago Minted became listed on The Hype Machine, a highly sought after position which means our music is indexed into their top charts for music blogs across the world.

Minted is currently hosted on I have recently decided to expand the music we cover on the site but focusing on acomplishing a common “Minted” asetitic that I have carried through the first year of running the site.

I want to develop Minted into one of Australia’s most respected blogs in electronic music, and score a soft power win for Canberra in the process by continuing to build the site up here and feature Canberra artists that fit within our musical scope.

The money will be used to buy hosting and a domain for well into the future, allowing me (and more writers I hope to bring on this year) to build the site up as it’s own platform, and also to pay for design changes the site needs as well as some online marketing initatives.

The only difficulty I invisage is the site not gaining enough traction. However, this money will give Minted the ability to be hosted on it’s own platform and be in the best shape it can be to build up over the years ahead.


Why you should support

My main objective for this project is to build up the brand I have created here- and as a result it’s success as mentioned will serve as a soft power tool for Canberra, showing Australia and the world that innovation and startup culture is a significant part of Canberra’s future.

The bigger audience and better platform I can generate with this money ensures that when I cover Canberra artists in future that they reach a bigger audience- hopefully building up to the point in a few years time where we can break local artists within our musical scope on the site.

Which resources do you need for the project?

Hosting and Domain registration- I will be evaluating the best company to do this with in terms of speed and experience with WordPress.

Conversion from to Hosting- WordPress and Web Hosts supply services to bring blogs from over to dedicated websites.

Design- I’ll be spending money on a new base theme for our website that’s similar to our existing design and then contracting a local web/graphic designer to make nessasary changes.

Marketing- Once the site is relaunched on our own platform I’ll be using Google Adwords and Social Media advertising to promote the site.

Where will Minted
go in the future?

Once I impliment all the previously mentioned spending, my main goal for 2015 is trying to get Minted indexed in Google News as some other Australian music blogs are, as that will contribute to a greater increase in Traffic.

Moving to our own website, using Google marketing tools and continuing to keep the site active will give us a good case going forward to be included.

I enjoy writing about music and it’s fed massivley into my passions as a DJ and producer under the name Sondrio. I’ve been DJing since I was 16 and writing about music for about the same amount of time and recieving this money will allow me to take this even more seriously then before.

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My Skills: DJ, Producer, Writer

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