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Milky Way Coffee

an Online Franchise coffee delivery service.

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This start up is an online selling coffee service with delivery. To approach this aim I am going to run a website,starting form a region in Canberra for delivery and then propagate the chain stores(It will work as an online franchise). One of the problems is delivery to far distanaces, so to overcome this problem; I am going to start covering from a shopping centre and surrounded areas initially and then propagate the covering area by adding franchisees. At this stage an application for mobile phones will be built to utilize along with the website. This system can be used by the busy applicant who are not able to spend their time to go to the coffee shops and wait for a coffee. Also the coffee is made up of just milk and coffee beans(not any boiling water), to increase the consumption of the milk among people who love coffee. Also a hot soup will be added to the products later which is made up of milk and barleycorn to achieve the purpose of milk consumption. This system is going to use by people who are in a rush or ones who feeling cold during the cold days in Canberra.

One of the most important issues is the marketing and advertisement. To overcome this problem I am going to advertise this in social media(Facebook, Pinteres, …) in some creative ways. Also I believe that offering a good product would be the best advertise, so I will try to offer the best product I am able to do.

Why you should support
Milky Way Coffee?

The first step is to talk to the companies to provide their staff some coffee. So the people who are in their jobs and do not have time to leave their environment or have responsibilities and are not able to go out from their job office can benefit from this project. Also people who are in a rush and are not able to go to a cafe and wait for their coffee to be ready. They just order their coffee by making an online order or telephone call and they get their coffee on their ways or in their work places.

Which resources do you need for the project?

1. business cards

2. printing the logo and the picture on the coffee glassess

3. type the logo on staff cloth and provide them a proper cloth

4. run a website

Where will Milky Way Coffee
go in the future?

It will be an online franchise for coffee delivery. Each online branch makes MWC coffee and distribute them to the different places.

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Who is behind Milky Way Coffee?


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