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We consult, design & build computing and technology solutions for individuals & small business.

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What do you do?

We research, build and develop computing and technology solutions for individuals and small businesses. To put it simply, we:

– build customised computing solutions

– provide reccomendations on computing (systems and peripherals), mobile devices, storage, and networking


Don’t others already do this? What makes you different?

There are companies that build computers ranging from the big companies like Dell to smaller local computer stores, and companies that offer reviews and reccomendations on systems and components. These systems are built for generic market requirements with limited personalisation options. As a result, users end up with systems and solutions based simply on their understanding of their needs.

In comparison, our systems and solutions are built in consultation with the user and a thorough understanding of their specific requirements. Our systems and solutions are then tested to ensure performance, reliability and stability.

Once the system and solution has passed all tests, we deliver it to a location convenient to you and even offer installation and set up services.


What are your biggest challenges in going to market?

Trust – clients may be hesitant to trust in a smaller business like us.

Finances – initially we would not have a store front due to finances, instead work from a dedicated area of our home.

Advertising – we do not have the funds to advertise to a large amount of consumers, so we would rely on social media and word of mouth.

Sourcing – our components will initially be sourced on a needs basis, therefore we would be paying close to retail which introduces an extra cost for our products as well as reliance on third party product stock levels.


How have you addressed the obstacles you face?

Trust – for our computing solutions we have partnered with Australia’s biggest warranty service to warrant all our work for up to 5 years. This not only gives our customers peace of mind but also ensures that they are faced with little to no down time should a component fail.

Finances – by working in a dedicated area of our home, we can offer superior quality assurance while keeping our costs low.

Advertising – we would initially focus on lower cost mediums such as social media and word of mouth.

Sourcing – we have access to multiple third parties, while we can’t avoid paying retail intitially, we can almost certainly guarantee availability of components by sourcing from an array of providers.


I believe in social responsibility, do you?

We want to help students and those without access to computing. As part of our commitment to this, we have already delivered laptops and computers to some students – as we grow we hope that our customers agree with our vision and donate their old devices on the promise that we invest in refreshing the system, reloading software and ensure it is delivered to deserving individuals.

We also want to support charities who require our services and will strive to support charities aligning with our vision with an array of consulting and building services.


Love your idea, how can I access your services?

– Thank you! By providing your support you take us one step closer to our goal

– We have already begun providing our services, send us an email to and we can go from there

– Like us on Facebook and follow us on Instagram to keep up – we’ve got a landing page at as well

Why you should support

No longer will individuals and small businesses have to spend time researching components and systems to pay a shop to simply build a computer for them. No longer would they have to go to a store to buy a generic product with components and software that they may or may not use. No longer will they have to talk to store assistants who are not just limited by products in stock but also their product knowledge.


Metaware will ensure that you get a system and a solution that will work for you, at a budget set by you – everything from your next wireless router purchase, to setting up a remotely accesible sotrage solution, customising a gaming computer for your games and needs, to a thin and light laptop to take with you on your next business trip.


All this while supporting those without access to computers, and the kind heartedness of our clients. While also supporting charities as they try to lower operating costs to do more with their money, and even purchase products that would be functional for longer.

Which resources do you need for the project?

– We would build our website to assist with marketing (web design will be done by us, funds will cover costs such as domain name and web hosting)

– Advertise through low-cost mediums such as social media

– Upgrade the facilities of our dedicated work area

– Streamline our payments system

Where will METAWARE
go in the future?

If our project is successful, we would first explore moving into a storefront in order to get in front of more people. We would then look at adding to our team. Increase in numbers would also give us more bargaining power and let us bulk purchase components – allowing us to increase margins and/or lower prices. Ideally we would be the go to provider for individuals and small business looking to get extremely personalised service.

Personally, we take great pleasure in not just executing powerful solutions but also experimenting and pushing technology further. We would be able to R&D our own colling solutions as well as case designs and customisation options such as automotive grade paints and decals.

Ultimately, we also hope to be able to give back to those who don’t have access to computing. Computers are powerful tools that can help further enhance a developing mind, and we hope that we can provide not jsut individuals with computers but also schools and establishments that encourage the use of computers.

Find out more about METAWARE

Who is behind METAWARE?


My Skills: Experience in troubleshooting, design and building systems.


Male, 20

My Skills:

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