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Left Lane Outreach Theatre

Contemporary theatre that goes out into the community, engaging with young people to provoke active thought and inspire empathy.

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Left Lane was established to support the development of original outreach theatre. Taking ‘The Snow Queen’ (nominated for Canberra Area Theatre Award for Best Original Work), written and directed by Kitty Malam and produced by children’s theatre company Child Players ACT in 2017, into creative development in 2018.

Our aim is to refine the script, purpose and participatory elements of the work, with the objective to educate young people and inspire them through the themes of empathy, friendship and growing up. In order to adapt the original show to become a touring theatre experience for primary’s schools and community groups in Canberra.

Ultimately promoting Left Lane’s vision to connect people through thought provoking original theatre.

Left Lane’s development project ‘The Snow Queen’ is aimed at young people in primary schools and community groups around Canberra.

Why you should support
Left Lane Outreach Theatre?

Left Lane is devoted to using theatre as a tool for change. By connecting with young people and the broader community. Our project of ‘The Snow Queen’ is the first stage of Left Lane becoming an impactful and educational influence, as well as building a engaged contemporary arts culture here in Canberra.

What is the project’s current state?

‘The Snow Queen’ debuted its theatrical season at Belconnen Community Theatre in October 2017. The project is currently being worked on, with plans to go into a intensive development period in January of 2018.

Which resources do you need for the project?

To establish and promote the ‘Left Lane’ brand in the community, through visual resources (flyers, stickers and t-shirts) and develop our online presence.

Where will Left Lane Outreach Theatre
go in the future?

Left Lane’s future goal is to continue to build its repertoire, eventually reaching beyond Canberra to bring theatre out to rural and remote communities in Australia.

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Who is behind Left Lane Outreach Theatre?

Artistic Director

My Skills: Experienced theatre practitioner, working in youth theatre and sci-communication.

Communications Manager/ Performer

Female, 20

My Skills: Drama Tutor,Youth Facilitation and Engagment,Experience with Special Need Groups,Communications Experience

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