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LEDme-Dog Collar

The night activated dog collar to keep your furry friend safe

  • Season 03 Project with 5 Supporters

LEDme dog collars are specially designed to help and protect our fury friends. Our collars are designed to light up at night while staying off during the day. This unique feature will protect your dog when they run away at night as they will be visible to people and cars. Wildlife will also be protected as the lights will serve as an early warning system. Every year thousands of cats and dogs die due to car accidents. The LEDme dog collar will protect against cars. Unlike other LED collars ours can turn off during the day to save power and will prevent the dogs from getting stressed due to the bright light. The goal of the project is to keep our pets and native wildlife safe while wearing an elegant collar that will please any pet.

the LEDme collar is at the moment only usable for dogs.

Why you should support
LEDme-Dog Collar?

Many people in communities everywhere have some sort of medical condition or other. Having ways to help everyone is vital. Instead of wearing a medical alert band wearing an elegant piece of jewellery that can be used in emergencies when needed. Any adults can use the iDMe- Amulet to store family/friends contacts, legal documents and even holiday destinations and phrases for foreign countries.

The iDMe- Amulet can be used for pets and young children as well. Children forget phone numbers very easily. Having the information with your child at all times will help them stay safe and not get lost. The same goes for pets but instead of using a normal collar with contacts you can store much more very easily. Any medical data, contacts, breed, vet, and age can all be stored on the one chip plus much more.

Which resources do you need for the project?

The project requires the use of a 3D printer to design the casing, jewellery claps and tools will be used as well as a variety of computer chip. The maximum estimated cost for creating one necklace will be $50. This includes the chain, case/glass, nfc computer chip and the clasps and tools needed to create the iDMe-Amulet.

Where will LEDme-Dog Collar
go in the future?

The iDMe- Amulet will hopefully expand to have more designs and features on the chip and case. As we are only young we would like this to help kick start our careers and to help us start our own business and help to change the world.

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Who is behind LEDme-Dog Collar?

Project Leader

My Skills: I can organise deadlines, finances and goals. I have some ability in software and enjoy creativity.

creator and designer

Female, 12

My Skills: creating ,sewing,software

creator and designer

Female, 13

My Skills: creating,sewing,managing

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