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Laundry Echo

Laundry Echo is the fastest growing music blog in the country. Made right here in Canberra.


I’m Dave McCarthy, founder of and I hope you consider voting for and sharing my project. I was lucky enough to receive a Summer of Stir Grant earlier in the year and am so thankful for the positive impact the grant led to on the blog. Hence, why I’m back at it again.

I founded Laundry Echo to write about and showcase artists in the Australian DIY Music Scene. A scene flooded with remarkable talent that so frequently never leaves the livingrooms and backyards of Australia’s thriving house show scene.

Laundry Echo is pledged to being a diverse media outlet showcasing the best acts in the country through articles, a weekly video and plenty of memes.

Laundry Echo is a passion project and one that I make no money from. As such spending money on it is hard. I do however know that this blog is doing great work in connecting non-mainstream artists with an audience looking to break the norm.

Thanks for taking the time to read this and for considering voting for my project!

Any music lover or musician can get involved with Laundry Echo, but primarily the blog reaches 18-30 year olds in the punk, folk and indie scene.

Why you should support
Laundry Echo?

Laundry Echo connects musicians with music lovers as well as other musicians. Creating community, new fans and friendships in doing so.

By supporting Laundry Echo you are giving me a big thumbs up that I should keep doing what I am doing and doing the best I possibly can.

Which resources do you need for the project?

Merchandise and Branding Materials

Where will Laundry Echo
go in the future?

Laundry Echo is going to keep pushing, grinding and growing into a diverse and well respected media outlet in the Australian Industry landscape.

Laundry Echo is looking for collaborators

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Find out more about Laundry Echo

Who is behind Laundry Echo?


My Skills: Over 10 years experience in the music industry with extensive experience in content production.

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