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lacklustre records

DIY/independent record label focused on delivering vinyl, cassette & live music

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lacklustre records releases music on vinyl, tape, cd-r, and hopefully one day, floppy disk. lacklustre also hosts & organise live music both with artists local & international, bringing acts to canberra and taking canberran acts across the country. recently the living space of lacklustre hq has been converted into an makeshift performance venue.

Why you should support
lacklustre records?

lacklustre firmly believes in delivering as much money as possible into the hands of the artists. we have also been running for three years now–evidence enough that it is a long-term project, a labour of love, rather than a short throwaway idea for potential monetary gain. any money gained through stir allows the label to fund releases and direct profit to the artists.

do you like live music?

Which resources do you need for the project?

releasing new music on vinyl, cassette tape or cd-r. at the moment there are new releases coming from low season, oxen, harrow, power grid, machina genova, lost coast, blight worms, lytta, diploid and there’s always something else being planned.

touring local and international acts through canberra and across australia. last year, the american act full of hell were toured across australia with support from canberran band machina genova — funded, organised and managed by lacklustre. 13 shows from brisbane to adelaide!

the establishment of a sustainable place for bands to play. the new and improved lacklustre hq has been running for about a year now in the inner north, and has played host to bands both from across australia–sydney, brisbane, melbourne–but also from new zealand and america.

Where will lacklustre records
go in the future?

canberra, as always.

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Who is behind lacklustre records?

label founder

My Skills: artist, label and tour management, distribution, marketing

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