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Keybirds 2

An all-ages rhythm/typing game for PC with beautiful hand-drawn art and a groovy original soundtrack.

Keybirds is a fun, new, innovative game, conceived by three friends. Put your typing skills to the test as you swoop into a colourful world of talking birds, and tap your way through groovy original tunes in the musical adventure of a little blue finch fighting her heart out in the name of a big dream.

Check out our gameplay demo here!

If you love high school hijinks, quirky characters and boppin’ choruses, you’ll enjoy Keybirds no matter your age. It also has a high skill ceiling for rhythm game fanatics and hardcore typists.

(Note: due to technical difficulties, we’ve had to name our page Keybirds 2, however we can assure you that this project is called Keybirds; the sequel is at least a year away.)

Why you should support
Keybirds 2?

Keybirds is a vibrant, quirky, fun experience we know you’ll fall in love with. It features an all-original soundtrack by Julian “Zorsy” Sanchez of video game band The Consouls, and tells a story with a cast of colourful characters written, hand-drawn and animated by Rose Hammer, known for her work on Canberra-made board game Dragon Racer, among other fantastic projects. Most of Evan’s work happens behind the scenes, but trust us, he’s really good at it.

We’re a dedicated team breaking into video game development and working hard to deliver the best project we can, we just need your help to spread the word and – of course – enjoy the game!

Which resources do you need for the project?

Keybirds is being built with Unity, and soon we’ll reach a point where we need to upgrade our license so Evan can begin profiling and optimising the game to squash those troublesome frame drops.

We’re also getting ready to start showing off Keybirds at conventions, and will need funds in order to pay for table space, travel expenses and marketing materials. We would love to see you at SMASH! in Sydney next month!

And finally, while we’re able to produce most of the game’s assets ourselves, we are planning to invest in studio recordings to make all of our birds ‘sing’, and hope to add a lot more colour and flair to the game’s visual and audio experience.

Where will Keybirds 2
go in the future?

Parents and educators have already expressed an interest in using Keybirds to teach school-aged children to touch-type. While initially our goal was primarily to make a fun game, we can see a future where Keybirds is involved in the school curriculum and across many age groups including primary, disability, and aged demographics. We look forward to collaborating with educators to make learning to type an enjoyable experience for everyone.

Of course, Keybirds is just the beginning for Tempo Lab Games! Last year we competed in Ludum Dare 39, where in a mere 72 hours we produced rhythm Shoot em Up called Cosmo Beat. With your support, this could be come a full length title that will shoot your way in the future!

And finally, we’d love to explore ways to port Keybirds to consoles! I heard you can plug a keyboard into a Switch…

Find out more about Keybirds 2

Who is behind Keybirds 2?

Designer, Programmer

My Skills: Rhythm gamer and perfectionist with years of professional programming experience.

Creative Director

Female, 26

My Skills: Art,Animation,Writing

Composer & Sound Editor

Male, 25

My Skills: Composition,Keyboard,Sound

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