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Canberra gal cycling Canberra to Perth fundraising for climate change action & human rights. Yeehah!

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I’m going to ride from Canberra to Perth departing from the Aboriginal Tent Embassy on 1st June 2015 and arriving in Perth (fingers crossed!) at the DNA Tower in Kings Park by 14th August 2015.

Who am I? Why am I doing this? I’m just a Canberra gal, getting my creative altruism on. A bit of a tree hugging, bleeding heart, contemplative mind activist. You got me. Busted.

I like cycling. I like freedom. I like adventure. I like to challenge myself. I like nature and natural landscapes, and to live gently and sustainably. I also like for everyone in the world to have the same freedoms and potential for living their life to the fullest.

Sadly, this isn’t so for many people: those affected by war, extreme weather and natural disasters, political unrest, economic instability and anyone who is abused or marginalised. It seems broad, and it is. But hey, I’m just against injustice and inequality in any form where it doesn’t need to be so. I dream of a world where common sense and compassion prevail. It’s directly connected: climate change is a human rights issue – the biggest one of our time. Protecting our beautiful, precious, invaluable habitat, and those who call it home is in everyone’s best interests. It’s well within our knowledge, technology and power to make it happen.

So, I’m going to do something I enjoy – challenge myself mentally and physically, and do it in a way that has a low carbon footprint – while using my lucky freedom to help promote awareness and raise funds for nonprofit organisations that work to combat climate change and to help those in need.

I’m doing the entire trip with my own funds and all money raised will go to CARE Australia, Climate Council of Australia and the Asylum Seeking Resource Centre (ASRC).

Donations can be made via my fundraising page at:

Please donate generously, as if it were for something that would directly ameliorate your life, and the lives of your loved ones…because it will.

Anywho, I hear promotion through social media is a thing these days, so you can follow the journey through Facebook, Twitter and Instagram at follow_alida. I’ll be giving updates on the hijinks throughout the trip and tales of the inspiring people and places I meet along the way.

There will be a launch of the ride on Sunday 31 May 5:30-7:30pm at Morks in Kingston Foreshore. I hope to see you there! Details at:

The wheels are in motion. See you on the other side. West side.

Peace out!


PS I’m well aware that this is a bit ambitious (some might say nuts) and that riding east to west is against the wind. All avid cyclists know that wind is the worst. I would much prefer to have the wind behind me. Having said that, I’ve chosen to ride this way because I’d like to start with places I’m very familiar with, gradually discover the unknown and have beautiful Perth as a reward at the end. It will be a bit more difficult, but slowly and steadily it can be done.

Why you should support
just ’cause?

I’m hoping that every person, no matter their age, race, gender, religion etc. can benefit from my project. Everyone needs clean air, fresh water, nutritious food, a comfortable place to sleep and somewhere they can feel safe and happy and be allowed to develop physically, intellectually and psychologically. It may seem like hyperbole, especially in such a developed country as Australia but these are issues faced by everyone, because everyone is human and has the same basic needs and wants. Australia is a lucky country and mostly our standard of living is quite high. But that’s not the case for everyone, especially in regional and remote areas such as the ones I will be visiting. I want to raise awareness to a wider public that not everyone, even in Australia, enjoys the everyday basics and comforts many take for granted. In raising this awareness I hope to ensure that action is taken to ameliorate the lives of those who are less fortunate, in Australia and beyond. Any organisation who works in the field of climate change, human rights, animal rights, environmental protection and just general good old fashioned do-gooderyness would benefit from my project. 

Which resources do you need for the project?

The STIR funding would be useful to support my travels by giving me greater opportunity to help people and organisations during my journey. I have budgeted that I can do the entire Canberra to Perth trip with my own funds. However, extra funding would help me, if not for my own travels, by assisting with community projects, for example, arts, education and conservation groups and allowing me to create and initiate community events along the way I otherwise may not have had the funds for.

Where will just ’cause
go in the future?

If my project is successful I would like to try and publish my writing, the topics of which, as one might guess, discuss an interconnected spectrum of social and political issues of our time…plus some funny stuff too. Gotta have humour to balance seriousness :)

I have a novel manuscript already complete and I plan to write a novel about the Canberra to Perth trip. At the successful completion of this project I would like to pursue a real, tangible, practical career as an environmental activist, humanitarian and author…and if that fails, quit my day job and attempt to be a comedian and/or scriptwriter! 

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My Skills: Writing, editing, verbal communication, creative design, PR, time mgmt, negotiation, liaison, humour

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