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Jobsite Security VR

This is a Virtual Reality game where the Site foreman scares away Unlicensed Tradies that are on the Building sites.

  • Season 03 Project with 4 Supporters

The Game is Landscaped with real Houses I have designed in CAD, and the theme is out of hours unlicensed Tradesmen are scared off site by the site foreman. As an Ex- Site foreman, I know a lot of guys will see the humor in the Premise.
Site inducted (Licensed and Insured) Tradies have a different coloured Hard Hat; and aren’t to be scared off, or Workcover remove your Foreman’s License (your business dies).
Tradies wearing thongs and not Work Boots.. (wearing Either coloured hard hats) are also allowed to be evicted.

Apprentices, Tradesmen, people who are looking for a bit of a laugh and are after something different.
I think there is a market for this game in Construction Industry OH&S (light-hearted inductions) and Workplace Social events, Corporate meetings and such.
… Game Buildings can be easily populated into the game from real Building sites.

Why you should support
Jobsite Security VR?

Because it’s fun!
Its also got wheels as a commercial vehicle, which is good for our Coastal Community here in Wollongong.
..and without this support, I dont think the game will be able to be fully developed. Which would be a shame, I have orders for several already.

Which resources do you need for the project?

Professional Services from the Devika Team are the main cost component required, as this is the first ever game I have built, Its come a long way but It needs time from the Techies to assist. I believe there is a stronc Commercial market for this game.
Any Funding recieved would also be a great encouragement to the other (much younger) Coders and Games developers in my classes.

Where will Jobsite Security VR
go in the future?

Id simply hone its user friendly capabilities, allowing it to be used for Specific Building Sites with Current Tradesmen’s faces and corporate wear, for example.
Third person walkthroughs of site are also on my list of tools I need to develop as It’s a little Clunky ATM.

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Who is behind Jobsite Security VR?

Gaming Designer

My Skills: Experience in Corporate Events, Trade Experience, GSOH, and a very strong Group of Coders assisting

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