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A Canberra based business with a vision to elevate local performance art (particularly burlesque, bellydance and cabaret)

  • Season 03 Project with 42 Supporters

PERFORMING ART SHOWS: #JazidaProductions runs local productions where audience members can enjoy live interactive performances and experience artists’ creations!

INTERSTATE HEADLINERS: #JazidaProductions brings performers from across Australia to Canberra to showcase a wide range of talents with the local community

PERFORMANCE OPPORTUNITIES AND PAYMENT: #JazidaProductions creates performance opportunities for local established artists as well as securing minor slots in her shows to support budding talent. A wide range of styles and featured and artists are remunerated and celebrated.

DEVELOPMENT WORKSHOPS:#JazidaProductions facilitates workshops from artists (particularly those visiting from interstate) to skill share with the local Canberra arts community

People in Canberra who love performance art! Particularly people who love bellydance and burlesque

Why you should support

>It give artists performance opportunities and ensure they are paid
>It sees the Canberra performing arts community given opportunities for professional development from established interstate artists
>It enhances the vibrancy of Canberra nightlife
>It activates Canberra spaces/venues and supports artists’ networking
>It connect the Canberra scene to the wider national scene through bringing interstate guests

Which resources do you need for the project?

We need access to spaces/venues (which often comes a a fee), we need equipment (such as lights and better speakers), we need professional services (such as sound/lighting techs), we need administrative support (book keeping and marketing – Jazida is currently doing it all on her own and can’t expand without assistance). Funding to help provide these things would support JazidaProductions in continuing to provide services to the arts community.

Where will JazidaProductions
go in the future?

JazidaProductions will continue to facilitate monthly shows and workshops with interstate and local performers! This will happen smoothly and with a few team members (instead of just Jazida alone). Money generated will be put towards future shows with a goal to establishing a dedicated venue fit for purpose to deliver the goal of supporting the elevation of performance art in Canberra going forward

JazidaProductions is looking for collaborators

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Who is behind JazidaProductions?

Founder, sole trader

My Skills: >Performer understanding/history >Business Management qualifications/experience >PASSION!!!

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