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Industrial Jam

♻️ A creative student collaboration to change people’s attitudes and entice them to rethink, reuse, reduce and recycle textile waste. ♻️

♻️ I am looking for student collaborators to work toward an exhibition of a body of work that will promote the importance of recycling.

♻️ Australians send a whopping 85% of textiles to landfill (

♻️ The Council of Textile and Fashion Industries of Australia (TFIA) CEO Richard Evans says that with a change of behaviour in the way we buy, care and clean fashion and accessories consumers could save more than $600 a year.

♻️ The best way to change a behaviour is to change the underlying attitude…

♻️ I am working toward a series of fine-art, fashion portraits and art pieces using only recycled materials. By placing this limitation on the project it will provide the opportunity to explore this idea in-depth, while chronicling the growth and development of the idea throughout the creative process.

♻️ I am looking for students to collaborate with and contribute to this idea, particularly those in photography, fashion, hair, visual art, floristry and makeup/beauty.

♻️ This project will help me to connect to and collaborate with other CIT students in an effort to gain experience, work on a personal creative project for our portfolios, exhibit our work and make an important social impact by helping Canberrans to reflect on and rethink the social impact of their wardrobe.

♻️ This cause will have the added benefit of up-cycling waste otherwise destined for landfill while supporting local charities and the important work they do.

Why you should support
Industrial Jam?

♻️ Please support this venture because it will assist a group of creative CIT students with an opportunity to exhibit our work/skills, gain recognition and experience while we are still studying and promote much needed social change to reduce textile waste.

What is the project’s current state?

♻️ I have been working toward the first conceptual portrait and am starting my weekly volunteer role with Paper & The Works on Friday 30th June.

♻️ I am keen to connect and collaborate with other creatives.

♻️ By pressing the vote button YOU can help make this happen!

Which resources do you need for the project?

♻️ CIT students with creative hands and ideas, space to work, recycled and pre-loved materials, collaborators and exhibition space.

Where will Industrial Jam
go in the future?

♻️ I am looking forward to collaborating with other creatives, supporting local charities and organisations, holding an exhibition and most of all, changing attitudes and perceptions in an effort to reduce waste destined for landfill.

☝️ What I need from YOU is to vote for and share this cause, to help secure a $1000 grant that will help fund my idea.

♻️ All materials will be sourced from local charitable organisations. I am volunteering at the Paper & The Works store at the Green Shed in Mitchell weekly so I can stay connected to the underlying cause.

Industrial Jam is looking for collaborators

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Who is behind Industrial Jam?


My Skills: Enthusiasm, vision, organisation, creativity, communication, photography, graphic design, recycling.

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