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Indigenous Screen Printing Workshops

Teaching Indigenous members of the community the whole screen printing process, from design to finished print.

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As a tutor at the Ngunnawal Centre (UC), I help talented Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students learn about the design process. Many of my students are learning the ropes to a career they aspire to enter and their studies are the first chance to explore the practices of design and develop their craft.

As a qualified screen printer, I want to be able to share my passion for print and offer more than just theoretical knowledge. Seeing your artwork translate from an idea to a physical object is one of the most satisfying feelings as a designer and to teach this skill to a group of students who might never get this opportunity elsewhere is exactly what I want to offer.

With help through the Centre, we would offer the workshop to any Indigenous men and women interested in design or wanting to learn screen printing. Together as a group I will guide the students through all of the processes behind creating a design, getting it set-up for print and eventually head to Megalo Print Studio where to learn the printing process.

A micro-grant from Stir would make this workshop possible by covering the costs of studio memberships, fabric, equipment rental, group tutoring and additional resources.

The workshops will be affiliated with the Ngunnawal Centre at the University of Canberra, however this project is open for any Indigenous members of the local Canberra community.

Screen printing suits all age types and will be a fantastic chance for the students to reflect on traditional practices and translate them into a contemporary skill.

Why you should support
Indigenous Screen Printing Workshops?

Printing is a skill of mine that I’d like to strengthen and by sharing my knowledge i’ll be strengthening the printing community of Canberra.

It will also do great things for the local Indigenous community and provide students with a chance to create special work for their portfolios and learn a new skill.

Which resources do you need for the project?

Fabric, shirts, printing membership, screens, emulsion, paint, sewing hire, tutoring time.

Where will Indigenous Screen Printing Workshops
go in the future?

I see this becoming a regular workshop that could become a joint exercise as part of the course work of the Graphic Design unit at the University of Canberra.

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Who is behind Indigenous Screen Printing Workshops?

Tutor and Instructor

My Skills: Diploma in Fabric Design and Printing, Bachelor of Graphic Design, Ngunnawal Tutor, Awesomeness.

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