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ImageFlex Prop-shop

I’m looking to expand my capabilities and efficiency in prop production, benefitting Canberra’s film and stage performance community.

ImageFlex is currently a small freelance business specialising in film and video production, as well as prop design and construction. I’m passionate about both of these things, and for a long time, film and video have been the focus as I don’t have equipment in Canberra to make props. I’d very much like to provide fantastic looking props on the cheap for all the local filmmakers in Canberra and the surrounding areas, and I’d love to be able to do this on short notice – whenever a project comes up!

Canberra has a thriving film community, a lot of young and upcoming filmmakers (myself included) produce films on a micro-budget. When making my own films, if I need some kind of prop to enhance the story I’m telling I can easily make it myself – I know a lot of other filmmakers are limited by this, this, in turn, can limit the story they want to tell. Having a local with the skills to make a variety of detailed items, quickly and cheaply can be an amazing benefit!

Why you should support
ImageFlex Prop-shop?

Supporting this project allows me to build a business profile and help out budding Canberra filmmakers. For each prop made it expands my skills, my portfolio – eventually growing outside of Canberra and hopefully overseas. In turn, this will open new opportunities for my other passion – filmmaking!

Which resources do you need for the project?

– A 3D printer would be fantastic! This will allow the construction of much more advanced props.
– A bandsaw or scrollsaw, this allows me to quickly cut out intricate shapes.
– A drum sander, normal disc and belt sanders are great for any concave shape, a drum sander makes quick work of any intricate convex corners.

Where will ImageFlex Prop-shop
go in the future?

If this project is successful the money will go to the purchase of new tools to make more props of higher quality, all of which you’ll be able to see on my youtube channel. Supporting me allows me to collaborate with local filmmakers and companies, promoting both of us and Canberra as a whole.

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Who is behind ImageFlex Prop-shop?

Creative Director

My Skills: Filmmaker, Designer, Artist, 3D Modeller, Carpenter.

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