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HACT: an event and online community. We inspire the world’s youth to engage with tech and startups.

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The Product

hact operates an educational event and e-Learning platform business. Our mission is to inspire the world’s youth to engage with Technology and Entrepreneurship. Our product has two components: – school holiday events for students ages 10-17 to be inspired and gain practical skills with tech – an online platform designed for students to continue engaging with tech.

The Problem 

Australia needs more young people engaging with tech and entrepreneurship. Young Australians need better avenues to get their start in tech than schools are currently providing. Primary and High Schools have been too slow in introducing computational thinking, code, and entrepreneurship skills into curriculums.


The Solution

We have a fun, replicable event model to give students a magic moment in tech. Beginners work alongside early-to-mid career professionals so the students work on the projects that interest them using industry tools. More advanced student participate in a typical hackathon format; they use the three days to build their own projects and compete for a suite of prizes that encourage innovation and entrepreneurship. Future hact events will utilise our gamified web-based platform, which students can continue to use after the event and is offered to parents on a subscription basis.

Why you should support

We’re putting on the events and building the community we wish had existed when we were getting our start in technology. We had 120 students at our first event, and will change the lives of 200 ACT High School students in July. If you believe Australia’s future is in technology and enterprise, then you should support our project.

Which resources do you need for the project?

Our event in April showed we can already put on a great HACT event. Our next move is to take the HACT concept to the world. We will use the $1,000 to bring the community organisers we need from Wollongong and Newcastle to Canberra to experience our July holiday event. We will also design and develop the materials they need to deliver HACT in their cities in the October school holidays. Our mission is to give everyone ages 10-17 a magic moment with technology and entrepreneurship and show them what is possible.


The money will be spent on:

– Return bus tickets via Greyhound
– Modest accommodation and meals budget for interstate visitors (3 nights)

If the interstate visitors are happy to stay with the organisers, the money will be used to bring more interstate visitors (Melbourne, Sydney, etc) to the July event. Money well spent!

Where will hact
go in the future?

Any surplus from the event will be used to fund the development of our e-learning platform. Our first event identified that Facebook et al is inappropriate for our needs; many students were aged younger than Facebook’s minimum required age (13). Our group has the code chops to build a great environment for ongoing learning, collaboration and fun. It also means students from other cities can connect through a shared passion for technology. We will secure more corporate partnerships to continue to roll out the HACT concept to more cities around Australia and the world. We want to make good on our vision of giving all young people a magic moment in tech.

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Who is behind hact?

Chief Prod. officer

My Skills: Design lead, 3D Art, Marketing and Community management.


Male, 28

My Skills: Biz Dev, Management & Event Management

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