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Feminartsy Radio

A new podcast from Canberra’s online feminist journal, Feminartsy, talking feminism, art, and writing each month.

  • Season 02 Project with 148 Supporters

Feminartsy is an online feminist journal that was founded in Canberra in 2014. Since then, we’ve published over 100 writers, and put on monthly events, bringing people together to explore gender relations through a creative lens.

Now, we want to expand to take that interaction into people’s ears through a monthly podcast. The podcast would be produced here in Canberra, and feature interviews with interesting women, readings of some of our best content, and would help us continue to explore the impact of gender on our daily lives through creativity and sharing stories.

Why you should support
Feminartsy Radio?

Starting conversations about gender and the way that we experience it is the first step towards reaching gender equality. Feminartsy creates an inclusive space both online and in person through our events to do just that – and a podcast would help us reach more people, and share more stories, in a new way.

Plus, we’ll be profiling amazing local women and men, sharing some great content, and making sure the content is accessible to people who can’t be at our events in person.

Which resources do you need for the project?

The money from this grant would help us purchase the equipment to start recording/editing, and also help us market the podcasts to our audience. Specifically, we would buy:

– A great audio recorder and a tripod (preferably a Zoom handyrecorder), though we’re open to advice!
– Some music for our theme (we’ll contract a local musician): $400
– Some small postcards to advertise the podcast at our events $100

Where will Feminartsy Radio
go in the future?

We would love to have monthly turn into fortnightly podcasts, and broaden our content out. If we were able to eventually turn a profit from the podcast, we would use this to fund more content on our website, and keep growing our audience.

Feminartsy Radio is looking for collaborators

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Who is behind Feminartsy Radio?


My Skills: I am an experienced writer and editor, with strong networks in Canberra's creative community.

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