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Feel Good JUJU

Using organic ingredients to create self-love pamper products

Self-love seems like a pretty hard thing to achieve in a world where over stimulation is omnipresent. When we avoid activities that make us feel physically and emotionally well, our self-esteem can be easily depleted, especially from the accumulation of work. Maintaining a healthy relationship with our bodies is vital for our health and wellbeing. Self-love produces positive feelings which assists in the management of our day-to-day activities and makes them easier to tackle. There are two products available within my brand to start with, one being an array of organic healing aromatherapy bath bombs, the other being organic dry face scrubs. Being aware of what we put inside and onto our bodies is also important. Most beauty products can use harsh chemicals that not only cause adverse reactions when applied to the body, but are harmful to the environment, including animal testing. Using natural ingredients means better overall results.

These pamper products are for anyone. There are two kinds of face scrubs, one for dry and sensitive skin that has more gentle botanicals and clays. Whereas the face scrub for oily and acne prone skin has stronger botanicals and clays to really draw out impurities.

The bath bombs vary in their healing capabilities with each bomb using carefully planned essential oils to target stress, anxiety, pre-menstrual pains, sleeping problems, and cold and flu symptoms. All packaged with information cards explaining the benefits of each ingredient, as well as the application process

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