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Fall in Love With an Artist

Canberra’s newest dance collective’s first piece, ‘To Fall in Love With an Artist’ will be debuting in Sydney Fringe this year.

Canberra’s newest artist collective, aptly named Collektiv, is working towards debuting their first piece at Sydney Fringe Festival this year. ‘To Fall in Love With an Artist’ will be an in depth look at the experience of loving an artist and how it can affect all of the those involved. Collektiv is being developed by Caroline De Wan as a tool to connect creatives and create opportunities to display work. ‘To Fall in Love With an Artist’ is Collektiv’s first piece and will be involving young Canberran musicians to create an original score, Canberran dancers and a Canberran lighting and sound technician. This piece is an opportunity for those from very different creative backgrounds to connect and work together to create a work that can then be displayed to a varied audience. Not only will this piece provide the tools necessary for the artists involved to develop their personal styles but it will also allow for feedback from an audience that would not otherwise be available to them. Collektiv is not only interested in connecting creatives and developing work but is also interested in fairness in the arts community. While Collektiv is a very new organisation and therefore is currently being financially supported by the group’s founder, Collektiv desperately wants to pay all the artists involved as fairly as possible. This is so far difficult to do as Collektiv’s founder, Caroline, is a full time university student. The costs associated with presenting this piece at the Fringe Festival involve the application fees, rental fees, paying the artists, staff and technician, buying costumes and marketing fees. While not all of these fees will be covered by a grant of $1000, having that financial help will insure that the artists and staff will be paid, as is one of Collektiv’s main focuses.
As Sydney Fringe is not in Canberra and we would like everyone to be able to experience the piece, Collektiv will be having another performance of the piece in Canberra after the Fringe, in order to show the Canberran community what they’ve been able to help create.

‘To Fall in Love With an Artist’ is a piece that can be enjoyed by those both within and outside of the arts community. The performance in Canberra will be open to everyone however is recommended for those 15 and over as it does touch on some aspects of relationships that don’t apply to a younger audience. Once ‘To Fall in Love With an Artist’ has finished, Collektiv will be looking for more opportunities to create and work with more artists throughout Canberra.

Why you should support
Fall in Love With an Artist?

This piece will launch Collektiv into the national arts scene and will allow for more opportunities and further collaborations in the future. Not only will it further the work and creations of those involved but it will mean that Collektiv will be able to continue and collaborate with plenty more artists in the future to continue creating inspiring and interesting works.

Which resources do you need for the project?

As mentioned in the about section, this piece is a costly experience but also one worth so much. We will be needing to pay rental fees, paying the involved artists, buying costumes and accomodation in Sydney. All are directly part of the project, with a focus on paying the artists involved.

Where will Fall in Love With an Artist
go in the future?

If ‘To Fall in Love With an Artist’ is successful, Collektiv will begin searching for more and more opportunities as soon as possible. We understand that many young emerging artists just want to collaborate and create and our aim is to help facilitate that financially and organisationally as well as being included as artists in our own right. Stop, collaborate and listen… And create.

Fall in Love With an Artist is looking for collaborators

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Who is behind Fall in Love With an Artist?


My Skills: Choreographer, organiser, artistic director, sole contact for the festival, financial provider.


Female, 23

My Skills: Dance,Performance,Showmanship,Collaboration,Creativity

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