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A videogame where you grow a mythical world tree & encourage evolution throughout natural history.

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We want to show that games can be about more than just fighting aliens and racing cars. We certainly don’t think that games like these shouldn’t be made, but it’s a bit like every movie being an action blockbuster. We think that games can do more. To that end we have been working for the past 18 months to bring a new type of game into the world.

Evergreen is primarily about exploration and discovery, as you grow a tree whose incarnations are present throughout all of natural history. Playing as a seed dropped from a Yggdrasil-like mythical tree onto earth you can take direct control and grow a tree that subtly interacts with the world around you, helping to nurture and support life through the ages.

The game isn’t completely without challenge; your tree is affected by physics and can break or fall over without the right support. Weather effects like strong wind, ice, and lightning will all prove to be challenging obstacles for you to overcome, and even embrace to fulfil your goals.

Your tree gains energy from the environment around you becoming healthier, which allows each incarnation of the tree to grow larger until you are big enough to rival skyscrapers. Along the way you will also unlock a range of aesthetic options, allowing you to customise your tree in over 3 million possible combinations. This ensures that your tree will be one of a kind.

Why you should support

Evergreen is a project that is designed to show the wide range of possibilities that videogames have as a medium and to appeal to existing game audiences that are looking for something novel as well as a new audience who might be looking for something different.

From a local perspective we aim to help other young game developers, entrepreneurs, and artists in Canberra by offering employment opportunities and advice.

Which resources do you need for the project?

As developers who are looking to create innovative experiences we have found that being able to attend trade shows and conferences and put Evergreen in front of fans and critics alike has been crucial to getting the feedback that we need for the project to be the best game possible.

We have been invited to attend a few events around Australia this year (like the Vivid Sydney Game On Expo), and we are in talks with the event management of shows like PAX Australia in Melbourne and AV Con Indie Games Room in Adelaide.

We have always tried to be as frugal as possible when attending events like these, but they still incur a cost. If you vote for us and we receive a Stir Grant we will use the money to attend as many conventions and events as possible throughout 2015 and in so doing get the feedback and publicity we need to make Evergreen a success on an international scale.

Where will Evergreen
go in the future?

Evergreen is the first project in what we hope to be a series of games that explore new concepts in games as a medium.

If the project is a commercial success we will be using the profits to fund the production of a new project where we will be able to collaborate with other local developers and artists to create new and innovative experiences.

Find out more about Evergreen

Who is behind Evergreen?

Project Producer

My Skills: 3D Game Artist, Shader Artist, Project Manager

3D Game Programming, Game Design

Male, 24

My Skills: 3D Game Programming, Game Design

3D Game Programming, Game Design

Male, 23

My Skills:

3D Artist

Male, 25

My Skills: Character and level art and animation

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