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EM&E is dedicated to creating an environment where musicians can attain success without leaving town

  • Season 01 Project with 15 Supporters

Everyone in the know will agree that Canberra birthed some amazingly talented musicians and we are constantly saddened to see them move to Sydney or Melbourne to further their careers. I asked, ‘why can’t the “bigger and better” be here?’

Having been an avid live music lover in Canberra for the past 6 years, I got tired of hearing the worn out phrase “there’s nothing to do in Canberra”. There is plenty to do here, but most things continue to go unheard about, while our youth audiences are starving for entertainment. I was inspired to start my own artist management and events business to make things happen, to connect our hungry audiences with the amazing talent this city has to offer, and overall, foster an environment where dedicated Canberra musicians can become successful without having to move away.

Why you should support
Euphony Management?

Your support would be hugely appreciated if you care about cultural growth in Canberra. This project aims to stop the trend of our amazing local talent being lost interstate. It aims to keep youth in Canberra by making the ACT a more exciting place to live. It will also have benefits to the tourism industry by bringing bigger and better events to Canberra.

Which resources do you need for the project?

If successful, the money will be used to put on gigs and events thus generating income. It will also be used on advertising for these gigs and for clients.

At the moment, I am being assisted by some close friends and supporters who are working on a pro rata basis. At this point they are happy to be volunteers but to take this project further I will need to remunerate them and pay for professional help.

Where will Euphony Management
go in the future?

“Success” for the business will be measured by increases in participation in the Canberra music scene by musicians and punters alike.

I wish to take this business as far as possible and am already looking at international distribution methods. The project will stay here and prove Canberra is the major city we know it to be, achieving serious things in the music world.

Any money made from the project will go back into the project in the form of more events, more acts and more media to ensure its success.

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Who is behind Euphony Management?


My Skills: Marketing, Networking, Career Guidance, Distribution, People skills, Future Vision

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