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Embrace Lasers and Vision

Embrace Lasers and Vision is a Canberra based artist collective that provides visuals, laser and lighting programming to live music.

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Embrace – lasers you want to cuddle.

As the technology gets cheaper and advances, we’re starting to see more and more clubs, festivals, doofs and bars embrace the idea that a dancefloor is a lot better when you have something to look at. There are a few price points towards getting in to the game of eye-candy – the el-cheapo method of buying cheap stuff off eBay that everyone has seen before, the entry level gear that you put on preset mode and gets boring after a few nights, and the next step where you employ artists to program the visual aspect of the event. With specialised gear and software, this way the event can constantly evolve, as the artists come up with new ways to use existing hardware.

Embrace Lasers and Vision aims to provide venues and event managers with technical and artistic solutions for getting to that next level in visual delights. Embrace is John Carolan and Isaac Dugdale. Between us, we’ve helped controlled the lightshows at the Art Not Apart warehouse party, Dragon Dreaming, Rabbits Eat Lettuce, Subsonic, Melbourne Music Week, several Art School Balls, more Co-op house parties than we can count, La De Da, Mr Wolf, Kyte and loads more.

Now we figure its time we join forces and make a professional, all-in-one company. The best visual companies in Australia have been around for decades, so we figure its best to start collecting gear, software and notoriety as soon as possible because we’re in it for the long game. As you’d expect, laser animation software and projectors don’t come cheap, so Stir will help us build towards becoming a nationally recognised crew that you call when you want things to look good.

Embrace Lasers and Vision is for event managers and venues that are looking to add something memorable and special to their party. While we’re based in Canberra, we happily travel interstate when the opportunity arises. Ravers and party-goers will know when they see Embrace in the event description that they should bring their defractor glasses because crazy stuff will be going down.

Why you should support
Embrace Lasers and Vision?

If you like dancing, you probably prefer dancing with pretty things to look at.

This project will help us turn a hobby into the beginnings of a career, which is a massive step to take, but one that seems inevitable at this point. The end-goal is to constantly travel the world, festival to festival, club to club, never sleeping, always animating.

Which resources do you need for the project?

Good projectors start at about $850, and go up in price until you begin to question whether you should put down a deposit on a house instead.
Software usually costs a few hundred dollars a program, and can help with highly specialised tasks like generating smoke particles for animation projects.
Other bits and pieces can solve problems like interfacing your computer with different types of lasers, seamlessly switching between laptops that connect to the same projector, and give you an intuitive control interface to name a few.
A lot of festivals are outside of Canberra so travel ends up costing a fair bit.

Its an expensive game, but the rewards are high.

Where will Embrace Lasers and Vision
go in the future?

The immediate goal is to get on the VJ roster for festivals like Pitch, Strawberry Fields, Rainbow Serpent, and heaps of other top-tier parties. We’ve made a good start by having some role in visuals at smaller festivals so this is the logical next step.

One of the major selling points of a visual company is their gear. By investing heavily into our collection now, we can make sure we have a dominant place in the industry a few years down the track.

Embrace Lasers and Vision is looking for collaborators

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Who is behind Embrace Lasers and Vision?

Wizard, gig-getter

My Skills: We know a lot of people who like lasers. Loads of combined hours of staring at screens.

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