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From as early as I can remember I loved telling stories. My earliest work was a simple re-imagining of Donkey Kong Country, since then I have expanded to short stories, novels, web comics, games, D’n’D campaigns and plays. Anyway I could tell I story I would.

Donkey Bonnet is my project to help bring my writing dream to life. I currently have two comics out “Bossman” is a light hearted super hero comic based out of Melbourne. “Blood is Thicker” is a darker story where a weapons manufacturers moral code is tested when someone he loves is thrown into the mix.

Both “Bossman” and “Blood is thicker” can be found in comic stores all over Australia, including Canberra’s own “Impact Comics”. “Bossman” was my first comic and was a great learning experience for me. I would love to see it enjoyed by people around the world.
“Blood is Thicker” is my newest project and I have just completed issue 1 of the 6 issue story arch. All my comics are self-funded including printing and labour costs. I am currently seeking funding to help create issue 2 and bring me one step closer to my writing dream.

“Blood is thicker” follows protagonist Zack. Zack works for a black market weapons company called ocarina. Each year Ocarina, along with several other weapons compete in an underground game where convicts are forced to use their experimental weapons in a fight to the death. The company that wins will gain a weapons contract.

Zacks role in Ocarina is to supervise the games and organise weapons and supply drops for the convicts his team has been drafted. The story takes places at the beginning of the first round of the games. Zack is late to work after a night of drinking so he misses the draft pick. When the pods open revealing the convicts he learns that his sister has been drafted to an opposing team.

My current project is aimed at getting a new issue of “Blood is Thicker” created. The comic is aimed at young adult readers and anyone who enjoys alternative comics such as “Y: The Last Man”.

Why you should support
Donkey Bonnet Comics?

Donkey Bonnet is still just an ember but it is ready to burst through its ash shell and show the world what a beautiful phoenix it is able to become. Story telling is my passion and I would love the opportunity to make a lifelong career out of this.

Which resources do you need for the project?

Funds raised will be used to help get new issues illustrated, Illustration is currently outsourced. Additionally, funds will be used to help cover printing and shipping of new issues.

Where will Donkey Bonnet Comics
go in the future?

I would love to see Donkey Bonnet path the way for Australian comics. Having been working in the Australian indie comic scene for over five years now I have met amazing artists and read some incredible stories. I want Donkey Bonnet to bring all these stories together and give us a chance to attack an international market together.

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Who is behind Donkey Bonnet Comics?

Creator and Writer

My Skills: Ability to tell a story with a unique plot, always leaving the reader wanting more

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