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Death By Sugar

A 3D game which not only entertains but educates players on the importance of eating healthily and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

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This will be a 3 dimensional game where a player will run through a candy filled maze dodging obstacles and collecting power ups. Targeted by flaming balls of cholesterol and anthropomorphised spikes of insulin induced by unhealthy eating the player will also find themselves being chased by the most formidable monster of all… the personified type 2 diabetes. All for what you might ask? One of the most beautiful prizes of all of course. A personal congratulations email and the priceless reward of education. Remember those power ups mentioned earlier? Unfortunately for your player, not all of them will be good. If you’re lucky you might be rewarded with the boost of ‘Daily Exercise Agility’ or ‘Vegan Speed’ and many many others which will help you along your pursuit of healthy living. On the contrary, you might be unfortunate to find that your player has been handicapped with ‘Metabolism Slowdown’ or ‘Obesity Agility Decrease’ ect. All of these will have informative gameplay mechanics that not only spice up this game but make it informative too. Not only will it teach players the importance of eating healthily and maintaining an active lifestyle but will also emphasise the dangers of unhealthy habits and behaviour.

This project is primarily targeted towards young impressionable children of all ages who need to learn of the importance of eating healthily but also for anyone who is interested in improving their health knowledge and looking for an amusing way to learn.

Why you should support
Death By Sugar?

I’ve always had a passion for game development and design. I thought this project to be a perfect opportunity for me to continue my pursuit of computer knowledge while also creating a product that is both entertaining and educational. Seeing the sudden obesity epidemic having detrimental impacts on the lives and well being of people affected by it, it became my goal to raise awareness of preventing the disease before it could harm another person. With your support, I know that I’ll be able to finish this project to the best of my ability and make it an informative and entertaining game!

Which resources do you need for the project?

For this project I will need more extensive knowledge in unity game design and 3D modelling. I’ll need to ensure that the models and game code is functional. I’d also like to have composed background music and make certain aspects of the game customisable. Making sure there are plenty of power ups will ensure the game has replay value while also making it more educational.

Where will Death By Sugar
go in the future?

If this project is successful I’d like to further my pursuit of game design and possibly venture into other areas of computer science. In the future I’d like to create bigger and more advanced games that also carry good messages just as my current project promotes a healthy lifestyle. It would be my goal to create a business and assemble a team of experienced game designers and programmers to help me on my journey to create innovative products for the world to enjoy!

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Who is behind Death By Sugar?

Designer and Creator

My Skills: unity game design and digital art

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