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Producing Graphic Design solutions that don’t just look innovative, but also tell a story and help achieve your goals as a client.

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I believe any piece of work should not be created for the sake of designing it. Rather, a design should have the power to impact an individual on a subconscious level and ultimately, tick off the goals you are wanting to achieve. DBMP is a project based on creating exposure and ultimately gaining clients to create a small freelance business within an area I am passionate about.

DBMP has a strong value of connecting with clients on a personal level and taking the time to regularly meet with clients and understand what they truly want and why before the design process begins. I like to take a hands on approach and connect with clients on a personal level and understand the meaning and direction of the company. Once this becomes aware, the magic begins. Clients often understand that they need something created, however they do not know why they need this and what it will achieve. My goal is to meet with clients regularly to work through this process.

Furthering my project and getting exposure for the business and clients will allow me to shape individual’s perception, create innovative work for clients that achieve their goals and begin my career in Graphic Design. Not only do I want to produce work for clients, I want to work collaboratively with other designers, as some of the best work can be done when two or more minds come together.

Small and large businesses looking for Graphic Design solutions within Canberra and it’s surrounding regions to further their brand or business. The project is useful for individuals who might be just starting a new company or within a well developed organisation.

Why you should support

This project will help further my career as a Graphic Designer and also assist individuals who are in need of innovative graphic design solutions that achieve your goals, are high quality and created by an interpersonal and hands on designer. The project will also help give the “little guy” a chance to produce work that could assist in furthering your company.

Which resources do you need for the project?

I would firstly like to get promotional designs underway and finalised so that I can contact printers further and get outstanding business cards and other collateral printed. From there I would work on updating my creative suit to ensure my programs are up to date with the latest versions.

Where will DBMP
go in the future?

I see the project assisting in the development stage of the business by allowing high quality promotional printing to be produced to market the brand. From here, use of social media and marketing across Canberra will assist in getting the business rolling and forming client connections. The project will allow me to use my skills I have obtained whilst studying a Bachelor of Graphic Design, Major in Advertising to its full potential and also allow me to combine my love for design and people interaction.

Though there are Graphic Design firms in Canberra that offer exceptional work, it is time for a new firm to create some competition and spark excitement amongst Canberra and its surrounding regions.

DBMP is looking for collaborators

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Who is behind DBMP?


My Skills: Design skills, advertising study, organisation, time management, enthusiasm, interpersonal skills.

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