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Dark Matter Zine

I interview creative people to share their projects, passions and promote their public profiles in Australia and overseas.

  • Season 03 Project with 6 Supporters

Dark Matter Zine is an online magazine providing reviews, interviews and articles relating to pop culture and storytelling in all media. So far DMZ has over 233 interviews, panels and guest blogs, 112 podcasts, 94 videos and 1320 reviews.

Dark Matter Zine’s readers are interested in pop culture and are firstly from America, then China, then Australia, and then the rest of the world (by number of visits). Most listen to the podcasts. The audience ranges in age (although adults but generally SFW although a little sweary at times). DMZ is gender inclusive and aware of social justice issues.

Why you should support
Dark Matter Zine?

Dark Matter Zine has a global audience primarily based in America, China and Australia; within Australia, DMZ’s audience is mostly located in Melbourne and Sydney. Supporting DMZ increases Canberra creators’ profiles. Participating in DMZ panels and interviews has the potential to increase markets for Canberra creators.

Which resources do you need for the project?

Increased finances would mean potential to attend more events for recording/sharing purposes and paying a video editor because my current one, my partner, works full time so he can only edit one video per fortnight at most.

Where will Dark Matter Zine
go in the future?

I would love to see Dark Matter Zine becoming the online geek magazine (pop culture) version of Brain Pickings. Next best would be an increase in articles, working with creative people to publish more content, engaging the public in storytelling and increasing potential reach for creatives in Australia and diverse communities.

Dark Matter Zine is looking for collaborators

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Who is behind Dark Matter Zine?

managing editor

My Skills: Academic qualifications, life experience and 6 years of working on Dark Matter Zine.

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  Season 01

Connecting Poke-fans from Flebe to Wailord.

  Season 03
MVP – Modular Velo Polo

Developing and producing 3d printed modular bike polo mallet heads.

  Season 03
Solar Charger

A solar powered charger that collects renewable energy from the Sun then transferred to electrical energy and stored ready to charge.

  Summer of Stir
Intangible paper

Using traditional Chinese heritage paper cutting techniques and motion graphic represent the beautiful of Canberra city.



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