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Crafting Heroes Zero to Hero

A colourful, intense, tactical card game that rewards you for being a dick to your friends + puns and innuendo all set in a fantasy world!

  • Season 03 Project with 4 Supporters

We set out to make a competitive card game that drew influence from every video game series we lost our self in, every table top game we aggressively argued the interpretation of rules for and every fragment of pop culture we quoted or re created time and time again among friends.

This resulted in the intense, fantasy based, friend hating, tactic planning and infuriatingly luck of the dice driven game before you.

We present to you. Crafting Heroes: Zero to Hero

In development the key focus was creating a game that catered for the casual player (the general mass market of tabletop players) whilst still servicing the hardcore competitive player. (the core ongoing market).

The solution was simple, Accessibility and Flexibility

Oddly the best example of what not to do came from the beautiful city we live in rather than any other game on the market.

On the surface its this dull, overly serious, city with the personality of a damp sponge that to the outsider offers nothing more than politics, policy, public servants and a seemingly endless series of cultural institutions, archives and museums clearly aimed at the 65-80year old thrill seekers among us.

But buried beneath all that beige lies an incredibly vibrant and fascinating community that doesn’t take itself too seriously and offers an experience of like no other city in the world.

This was our inspiration for designing the cards of this game. We called it the “Reverse Canberra” for the casual player the surface of the cards is colourful and interesting be that a bizarre fantasy monster or phallic weapon all of which is grounded by some weak pun or throw away one liner that anyone can pick up, understand and smile/cringe about.
But hidden below all this lies a very serious set of card mechanics that underpin the game and inject the strategy advanced players crave.

Using one set of cards the player can play 4 different and very unique game types
with the idea that more game modes can be added into the core set in the future.
the current game types are:

Onslaught: Solo or Teams
Choose character choose weapon survive against an endless horde of monsters for as long as possible!

Free For All: Solo
Defend your characters core while trying to destroy other players all awhile facing randomly spawning monsters.

League Rules: Teams
In Teams Work together to take down your opponents playing with the advanced rules (this is for the serious player)

Adventure: Solo or Teams
Choose a character and work your way through a text driven narrative RPG (role playing game) slowly increasing the characters level, items, stats and equipment as you explore the crafting heroes world and lore.

The Game is targeting the 15-40 year olds (MA15+).
if you know what any of these words are you are most likely our target market.

A generation that grew up playing games either digitally or table top. Anyone that would spend a Friday night playing DnD rather than Dating you are our market. you are one of us.

Why you should support
Crafting Heroes Zero to Hero?

We just want to give back to the community that gave us so much growing up

Which resources do you need for the project?

money to pay for an artist or an artist to come onboard

Where will Crafting Heroes Zero to Hero
go in the future?

a large scale collectible card game with a companion mobile app and maybe one day a full scale game either mobile pc or console why not all?

Crafting Heroes Zero to Hero is looking for collaborators

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Who is behind Crafting Heroes Zero to Hero?

Co Creator

My Skills: As one half of this team i have masters degree in architecture, and 27 years of nerd knowledge.

Co Creator

Male, 22

My Skills: Studied Film and Media,Creative Wizard,The logic behind the game

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