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Colour Me Innovation

Creating quirky colouring in books for adults, exploring supernatural themes.

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Colour Me Innovation is a series of colouring-in books for adults that will feature fantastical creatures and magical characters to inspire you. I will be digitally illustrating all of the images myself as well as printing and binding the books.

My project aims to create an outlet for people who want more creative play in their day but may not have the time, inspiration or resources to do so. The only limitation on the project at this time is the money required to reproduce the product at the quality it needs to be.

Adult colouring books are all the rage right now. Mental health experts believe that the colouring process can help reduce stress, increase mindfulness and encourage self-expression, even if you aren’t normally artistically inclined.

Colour Me Inspired is for the people who want to find a fun, simple creative outlet and like their art a little quirky.

Why you should support
Colour Me Innovation?

I believe adult colouring books can really help in stress reduction and to ease anxiety. As an artist, it will also allow me to share my art with others in a way that lets them interact and feel involved in its development.

Which resources do you need for the project?

The grant will allow me to access high quality printing and binding services, necessary to make the book market-ready. It will also provide me with the funds to pay for my adobe subscriptions and apply for market stalls to sell my books.

Where will Colour Me Innovation
go in the future?

If my project is successful and profitable, I will be able to expand this book potentially into a series of colouring books that explore different themes. This would attract a wider audience and allow this artist to make money doing what she loves!

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Who is behind Colour Me Innovation?


My Skills: Illustration, Graphic Design, Mythology Knowledge.

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