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Coffee soaps!

This is an environmentally friendly soap bar that can benefit not only you and your health, but the environment too!

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what I hope to achieve by making and using coffee soaps would be to not only make people stay clean, but to help keep our environment clean by re-using coffee from many different places that would have otherwise thrown it out and added to the mass amount of unneeded waste. this would be helping you and the environment.

This project is for anybody willing to support. Mainly in the Canberra region. The purpose of this into benefit the environment and reduce the plastic waste from coffee pods and bags while keeping you clean and healthy. This is something anyone can do.

Why you should support
Coffee soaps!?

People should support this because it would be benefical to those who need a band that is simple yet completes what they need. It would also be good for me, a young girl, to try and encourage others to follow and support me doing something i am passionate about.

Which resources do you need for the project?

The recources i need vary. I would need a bunch of different wires and functioning circuts to make this possible. I would also need to apply coding with adrino style to make it programmable.

Where will Coffee soaps!
go in the future?

In the near future i see this project getting more popular to help raise awareness to support those who need it. It may also i n the distant future collaborate with people who may contribute to making it better.

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Who is behind Coffee soaps!?

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