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Codename: AstroNut

A space themed infinite runner for mobile, with borderlands-esque graphics with unique jetpack gameplay.

  • Season 03 Project with 246 Supporters

In AstroNut, we are aiming to create a unique endless runner aimed at mid range iOS and Android devices, removing limitations such as ground based movement and lanes, and instead giving more freedom of movement to the player as they collect currency and powerups. This is done all in an attempt to get the highest score possible and complete a range of challenges as they make their way through the wreckage.

Powerups range from a simple magnet which draws currency towards the player, all the way to a giant laser that destroys debris in front of the user.

Players can record gameplay from AstroNut and share it to Facebook using Unity Everyplay. This means that all users can show off any impressive feats they achieve (or even outrageous physics breaking bugs).

This is the first major project being released by Smashbyte, with the intention of smoothing out pipeline issues, and building a community, as we move forward with larger scale projects.

The game rating we are aiming for is PG, with a focus on gameplay which is easy for players to pickup, whilst providing a challenging experience to players willing to face it. The average play time will average 2-5 minutes, making it perfect for anyone with limited time.

Why you should support
Codename: AstroNut?

Since the start of the project we have maintained focus on providing a project which;

o Is free to Play
o Is innovative
o Provides a unique gameplay experience
o Has strong Visuals
o No pay wall mechanics

Our goals have not changed with us wanting to provide the best possible experience to our player base. Supporting this project supports the achievement of these goals, with both this project and future endeavours of Smashbyte Games.

Which resources do you need for the project?

At the moment we are using non-commercial versions of software from the likes of AutoDesk, Adobe, and other various tools. The grant will give us the resources to purchase the essential licenses we need to release the game we’ve worked hard to make onto the market. This will also grant us commercial rights to all the assets we’ve created using these professional tools.
Any possible left over funds will go towards other important assets like sound effects and music.

Where will Codename: AstroNut
go in the future?

Our goals beyond release include continued support for the game and and the community around it that we look to build. The support will include the addition of extra content such as characters, skins, environments, and bug fixing. We also look to promote the sharing of gameplay over facebook with a recording feature that will be built into the game, allowing players to share their most ridiculous and exciting moments with their friends and family.

Alongside our goal of providing post release support for this project, we will also be starting development on future projects.

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Who is behind Codename: AstroNut?

Game Designer

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