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Bringing modern connectivity and standards to the essential but unregulated industry of tutors.

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The Issue:

Moving from Sydney to study in Canberra, one of the differences you notice is how dramatically different the Secondary School Education systems are. In Canberra, there is a lot less standardised testing, marks not dependent largely on one state wide exam, and subjects in college are taught as units in a semester by semester basis similar to university.

Once you notice that the school’s are so different, you eventually notice that there are not many big name tutoring organisations.

You notice that one of the largest and most beneficial sources of incomes for university students does not really exist on a wide scale and formalised level. You notice a system where Canberra high school and college students are studying without as much support as students from other states.

The problem is two fold!
Both, Canberra’s tertiary students
and Canberra’s secondary students are missing out.

What it means to Tertiary Students?

Tutoring in cities like Sydney is a great way for university students to earn money to supplement their low budgets.
Teaching/tutoring is also one of the best ways to stay on top of your own studies.

Jack who works an exhausting 5 hours to earn $50 at McDonalds is much worse off than Janet who can tutor for 1 hour to earn the same amount. By the end of the shift Jack is tired and will probably want to rest instead of do his own study. He has lost a whole day! Time which Jack can’t afford to lose. Janet on the other hand, has not lost the whole day, and by teaching other she keeps her brain juices active and is preprepared to tackle her own work.

What it means to Secondary Students?

In other states, every single Yr 12 student learning a subject no matter what school they go to will be learning off the same curriculum. At the end of the year they will be attempting the same exam.
A massive industry exists in supporting final year high-school/college students in these states, providing valuable resources in tutoring, workshops and workbooks.

In Canberra this does not exist, because it is not easy for business that specialise in such services to be supported by a small population such as Canberra’s especially when each school teaches something different, teaches at different timetables and there is no make it or fail it end of year exam. So Canberra school students miss out in the extra support that students from other states enjoy.

The Solution:

Its not going to be easy and its unlikely to mirror the business practices in other states but an organisation needs to exist to support this essential, unregulated and underdeveloped industry in Canberra. Cleverbee aims to make it as easy as possible for tertiary students to acquire jobs as tutors and resource developers. It aims to make it easy for secondary students to find these tutors and get access to valuable resources.

For those who would like to be tutors there will be training and development by the organisation. They will also be able to get tips and support from more experienced tutors. In a sense we are aiming to create a community of tutors who not only benefit from networking with each other, but being unified under one brand are able to take advantage in collective marketing and able to attract more customers than they would have been able to do individually. A positive hive to belong to for these Cleverbees.

For those looking for tutors they are able to come to us and we are able to find the most suitable tutor more easily and more quickly than ever before. We are able to guarantee that these tutors have training and experience in the subjects desired. That all these tutors have had their qualifications verified, that all of these tutors have passed police checks and are trustworthy. That tutors are passionate about the subjects they teach and not just doing it for a quick buck.

That is the vision for Cleverbee. I hope you can also support us to achieve this vision :)

Why you should support

By supporting the project you will see a change in the educational landscape for Canberra. Providing a competitive edge for the secondary school students of our state while also providing positive job opportunities for tertiary students within Canberra.

Which resources do you need for the project?

Startup capital, including that from STIR will be used for:

– Website Development: The demands of bringing a tutoring network into the 21st century is outside my website development skill. Part of the money will be used to hire designer to build a website that can act as a classified, payments gateway and a forum/networking tool.

– Business Liability Insurance for such an organisation is between $400 and $500.

– Any remainder funds will be used for marketing material in order for tutors to take advantage of a unified brand.

Where will Cleverbee
go in the future?

Once Cleverbee tutoring is a financially stable and sustainable business model, will will endevor to provide schools with guest presenters (such as PhD students sharing their thesis to high school students), school holiday programs, develop study tools and resources and supporting other local initiatives aiming to improve extracurricular activities for students in Canberra by allowing them to take advantage of volunteers from our tutor network.

Find out more about Cleverbee

Who is behind Cleverbee?

Organiser & Trainer

My Skills: Post-grad student in Secondary Teaching. Experienced Events & Community Manager, Trainer and Mentor.

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