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Canberra Princesses & Friends

Canberra Princesses & Friends are dedicated to putting smiles on peoples faces by encouraging creativity, fun and a little bit of magic.

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Canberra Princesses and Friends began in 2014 as a few friends who dressed up to go see a Disney movie. From there we attended many more kids movie screenings, started face painting, bubble blowing and kids craft at festivals, community events and markets and used the funds we made to attend and support charity events like Variety’s X’mas Bash up in Sydney and Sweet Charitea here in Canberra. It went from a fun day out for ourselves to realising how much joy and magic we could give back to our community.

We’ve built up a network of amazing people from the cosplayers who join us at events to the businesses and charities we love like Event Cinemas Manuka, Impact Comics, Dee’s Comics, Adore Tea, Capes 4 Kids Australia and Sweet Charitea.

We have a large line-up of recognisable characters and several friendly faeries, pirates, princes and princesses. Our group will keep bringing smiles to Canberra and its surrounds for as long as we can!

We are all about supporting our local community. From cinema screenings, fetes and markets to our favourite of fundraising for and attending charity events. We want to put a bit of magic into the lives of the people we meet, young, old and in between!

Why you should support
Canberra Princesses & Friends?

Canberra Princesses and Friends is all about our community, that means you! We want to engage children and adults through imagination, play and art. Bringing smiles, inspiration and ideas to the people we interact with. Being able to do all this while also supporting charities that are helping even more of the community is just amazing!

Which resources do you need for the project?

We would like to invest in a tent of our own as a lot of the events we attend are outside and exposed to the elements. A tent would allow us to work in full sun or those wet rainy days.

Any left over would go towards attending and supporting more charity events!

Where will Canberra Princesses & Friends
go in the future?

After purchasing a tent we will be able to attend more markets and fetes, this will in turn lead to more charity events and perhaps even running our own events with the support of the community network we have gathered.

Canberra Princesses & Friends is looking for collaborators

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Who is behind Canberra Princesses & Friends?


My Skills: Creativity, openness and marketing are my strong points. My co-founder Alicia balances the team :)

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