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Box Cutter Space

Providing a fully-equipped space for electronic producers to create music together

When I was young I, like many other early music enthusiasts, lived at home with my parents, and like any household, there were certain restrictions concerning noise and space.

The Box Cutter Space is designed to encourage and help young local musicians and producers in progressing their raw creative talent and getting their work out there. To do this we will supply access to a fully-equipped studio, in a central location that will be easily accessible to all Canberrans.

The equipment we provide will be both hardware and software, always available for the musicians and producers.

Anyone who comes along will have the benefit of learning from our broad network of established national and international electronic musicians, who will guide you in producing and promoting your music!

Why you should support
Box Cutter Space?

By supporting this project, you will help me provide local talents and up & coming with the necessary scene and culture to avoid them leaving for other cities.

By providing a local space where producers are encouraged to come together to make music locally, we can start bringing people in, rather than sending people away!

Which resources do you need for the project?

Supporting this project will assist me in providing our local musicians and producers with a space equipped with professional technology. This allows them to explore their creative talent in our very own city of Canberra!

Where will Box Cutter Space
go in the future?

This project aims to move young people away from the unhealthy aspects of electronic music culture, and learn to take part in the creative side of music creation.

I would like to create a new context where young people can see the music coming together, and fall in love with the idea of developing their talent, and sharing that talent with others.

If this project is successful, the next step is running a free showcase event twice a year, where people can come from far and wide to enjoy the music produced in the Box Cutter Space!

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Who is behind Box Cutter Space?

Dreamer. Nerd.

My Skills: Event Management, Aesthetics, Promotion.

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