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Botanically inspired jewellery.

Creating unique jewellery with a botanictwist.

Anyone who appreciates plants or has a love for nature.

Why you should support

Supporting this project will help me get more coverage and exposure in the market, to help set up Botanictwist as a business, and to share my love of plants and nature with more people.

What is the project’s current state?

Botanictwist is a new small scale “Hobby” with an online store on Etsy, but mainly focusing on local market stalls when I can. So far I have attended two community days with CITSA at the Canberra Institute of Technology Reid and Bruce campuses. Both I got a great response at, and lots of great comments. Another market I attended was run by Slyfox Coffee Autumn Community Markets which was also a lovely atmosphere to be a part of and helped provide more exposure also.
So far I have 3 main styles or themes to my jewellery. Wearable Terrariums which include earrings, pendants, and rings. Rustic Verdigris Foliage, which so far are just earrings with plans for necklaces also. Then the Laser Cut designs, also just earrings at this point but with necklace concepts in the makings. All of which I would like to evolve and focus on in the future.

Which resources do you need for the project?

Support and funding to set up an ABN and move to become a real business.
Marketing assistance.
Materials to make more quality pieces and look at stocking more places to get extra coverage.
Funds to look at employing local craftsmanship skills to create elements of my designs.
Extra training for me personally, to perhaps take on some of these skills needed myself.

I have received suggestions and invitations to join or attend more markets such as the Handmade Markets and to sign up to become involved with the 360 Fashion Market in Kingston and RAW Canberra.
Many require initial fees to start, which this grant would greatly help with.
Also, if I go ahead with any, I will need to buy more materials to create more stock to have enough to make a substantial display and to sell.

Where will Botanictwist
go in the future?

This is not a style that lends itself to be mass produced as items are hand designed/ one off pieces. I would like to look at developing an artistic, quality, unique style that boasts more ethically made and designed jewellery pieces.

I’d like to see Botanictwist to develop a larger customer base, commissions in gift shops and or better advertising for the online market.

Botanictwist is looking for collaborators

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Find out more about Botanictwist

Who is behind Botanictwist?


My Skills: Horticultural training combined with my Floristry skills inspire me to create and design.

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