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Bones: The Echidna-Man

The introduction of a new, uniquely Australian anti-hero.

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Bones: The Echidna-Man is a uniquely Australian comic book anti-hero, a guy who just wants to mind his own business but finds himself thrust into the media spotlight when he thwarts a robbery.

Bones’ solo debut will appear as a five page back-up story in my current work-in-progress comic book, Gorilla my Dreams.

If I win this money, it’ll all go to my artist Will McLaren. I believe in the value of an artist’s work and won’t ask him to do his thing without paying first. That’s why this grant would be a huge step forward for this character.

There aren’t many obstacles in the way if I do win this money. The story is already written and Will McLaren is already keen to get to work. So, the only problem I can even foresee is some kind of tornado made out of hungry rats. That’d definitely hold up progress.

This is one for comic book fans of all ages. If you love superhero comics? You’ll dig this. If you’re tired of seeing the same old heroes do the same old thing, and want to read about someone fresh and new? Then Bones: The Echidna-Man is guaranteed to scratch that itch too.

Why you should support
Bones: The Echidna-Man?

Comic books and superheroes have been a major part of my life forever. When I was beat-up in high school. The first time my heart was broken. When I crashed my motor bike, spent seven weeks out of action, and left with chronic pain for the rest of my life. When, as a result of all that, I suffered depression and was thinking suicide. At these, the lowest points in my life, there were always mutants in blue and yellow, vigilantes dressed as bats, red skinned demons, and reptiles practicing martial arts ready to help pull me out of the darkness.

I believe comic books and superheroes are a form of escape and support and under the right (or really wrong) circumstances, comics can save lives. This is why I want to make more comics. I wanna try to contribute to saving someone else’s life with my silly characters and Funny Books.

Which resources do you need for the project?

All I need to get Bones: The Echidna-Man underway is to pay Will McLaren so he can get started on the art. These funds will do just that.

Where will Bones: The Echidna-Man
go in the future?

I have long term stories planned for this character and in the future see many more comics starring Bones. I just need to get him in front of everyone’s eyes first.

Find out more about Bones: The Echidna-Man

Who is behind Bones: The Echidna-Man?

Imaginator & writer

My Skills: I have ideas. I love to write them and have people draw them for me.

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