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A fun, innovative fusion of science and art!

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We’re a group of young science and art students who want to bring visualisations of groundbreaking research to a wider audience by turning them into art. We want to work across a diverse range of media, including prints and postcards, to show the beauty of science to the public and start dialogue about the role of scientific research in Australia.

Why you should support

We’re all about communicating the beauty and elegance of science to a broader cross-section of the public, and showing that research science can be accessible and interesting.

We think that Canberrans will engage with an attractive and innovative artistic project which showcases local talent at the ANU across a variety of disciplines.

For the scientific and academic community our brand hopes to provide scientists with an alternative and unconventional platform – displaying their work through an artistic medium – through which they can make their work accessible to a broader audience and earn a place in popular discourse.

Which resources do you need for the project?

Because we will be producing the art cards ourselves, our main expenses are centred around materials for their production such as ink, carving tools and card.

Where will Blushift
go in the future?

The postcards are our first project, and we hope to transfer its momentum to other endeavours based in communication of science through the visual medium. We’ll continue prototyping and sampling products on an ongoing basis, as well as conducting research into our manufacturing and industry options. These efforts will eventually culminate in the launch of our first collection of products on an e-commerce platform.

Blushift is looking for collaborators

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Who is behind Blushift?

Media and Branding

My Skills: - Experience in media industry- Strong language skills- Interest in science communication

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