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Black and Blue

Graphic novel and board game exploring the human and alien sides of an attack on a flooded Earth.

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The Cobalt are a species of balloon-like creatures whose homeworld has run out of resources. They’ve discovered how delicious humans are, and want more!
After a devastating initial attack, humans discovered the Cobalt’s fatal aversion to salt water. In a last ditch effort to protect themselves, they flooded the Earth.
Now humans live their entire lives under water, under a constant alien threat hovering above the surface.

Black and Blue tells the story of the end of the Cobalt-Human war, by focusing on Mattaya Black, a young Polynesian woman, conscripted into the Ultra Marines, and Lazuli of the Farming Caste, a young Cobalt who uncovers the shocking secret of his species.

The story covers themes of veganism, government conspiracy, war, and duality.

A tie in board game will pit humans and Cobalt against each other in a battle to decide the fate of two species!

Black and Blue will appeal to fans of scifi, aliens, conspiracies, diving and underwater life, and speculative fiction.

It has global appeal, for people young adult and up.

The board game is estimated to run from 30-60 minutes, is easy to learn and fun to play, with strategy and luck elements.

Why you should support
Black and Blue?

You’d be supporting (what I think is) a cool story, with interesting moral implications for us in the real world.
The art I’ve received so far is truly beautiful, and the colours are spectacular. The characters are fun, relatable, and the story is engaging. The boardgame is entertaining and uses a unique mechanic that allows for endless, unique games.
This book will help in raising the awareness of Inkling Comics, through which I plan to continue publishing grounded speculative fiction stories.

Which resources do you need for the project?

Basically the money will go to paying the artists. They’re talented people, who dedicate their time and skill, and they need money!
I’ll then be looking for publishers to take this baby to the people!

Where will Black and Blue
go in the future?

Ultimately I’d love to submit Black and Blue to a publisher, but failing that we’ll do a kickstarter and self publish!
I’ve been working on this story for a while now, and I have great plans for it, and I’d love for you to be involved!

Black and Blue is looking for collaborators

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Who is behind Black and Blue?

Writer/ Creator

My Skills: A vision of the project direction, design ideas, some experience in writing and comics creation.

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