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Live Music Producer Battles

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Live Music Producer Battles. 4 Producers, 3 Rounds, 1 Winner.

At this event producers are given a sample pack on the night and have make a track in 30 minutes, all whilst their computer screen is being projected and a crowd watches on. We check in at 15mins learn a producer tip or two and then listen to the completed tune at 30mins, the winner is decided via applause and they go on to round 3, at the end of the night 4 producers is whittled down to 1 winner.

Why you should support
Birth Write Beat?

This event provides a unique showcase of the local music production scene. We really believe that the format is one that is widely enjoyed, regardless of if you have ever heard of Ableton. But at the same time it provides a place where you can geek out on the order of someones effect chain.

Providing places that spark interest in music production and supports the existing culture is good! And who knows you might end up seeing these producers on MTV or whatever.

Which resources do you need for the project?

There are 3 main things we will use the money for.

We would like to build our equipment so we can deliver a even better show then currently. For example one thing is we would like to have a basic camera hooked up so we can show the producers hand movements on their equipment. Another is due to the time limits of each round of the show we need a big clock. There are a few other things too, like what happens if we need to replace a speaker or projector bulb.

Secondly, we want to make some promotional material, this well definitely be some stickers with the characters from the poster. Also we will be able to make things like CD’s/ thumb drives with music from the performers. And produce short videos to push the music and artists ideas out further than the show.

Finally, and most importantly we would like to make a website. Most of this grant money will go toward the hosting and design of that website. The website will be a professional place where we can showcase the producers from the show, we would really like to have a site where people will be able to buy the producers music and book them for their own shows. But most of all the site will be a hub for music producers in Canberra.

We Expect to break down the grant something like this
20% Equipement
30% Brand Promotion
50% Website

Where will Birth Write Beat
go in the future?

At the moment the project is only charging $5 for entry and getting around 50-70 people ($250-$350), not much after we pay our performers (we don’t even pay ourselves). So The first thing is we want to see is the show becoming larger and more profitable. So we hope to see the show reach capacity (100ppl) and have a line, as if that happens we will be more comfortable about raising the ticket price.

We will keep doing a show on the first Friday of the month for as long as possible though, it will give our brand a constant base, making us a regular fixture in the Canberra scene and introduces us to new producers. We can build a impressive list of the Canberra Music Producers (4 producers per month, after 1 year = over 40 producers!)

However, with a more profitable show we will be able to do two big things.
Firstly, we can organise larger shows presenting some of Australia’s and the Worlds best original electronic music producers. Keeping to our missions of showcasing talent we would want to present shows where people feel closer to whats happening on stage.
Secondly, we would like to release producers music and organise shows for them in a record label/ booking agent way. This goal is further away from the first one as we would need to prove ourselves capable to the producers we would represent first.

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Who is behind Birth Write Beat?

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