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Website provides tested IT solution as template online to user whom like to build an application.

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“A software application is like an iceberg – 90% of it is not visible” – [1]

Software Development always requires a long duration. The reason behind includes:

-Experience gap between different programmers [2].

-Too much unknown in planning [3].

-Users don’t know what they want until they see.

Let’s imagine there’s a platform where it provides tested IT solution, like step by step guidance on “how to install a server”, code samples and database design or possibly hardware design, wouldn’t the development process becomes easier?

Gap of experience between programmers can now be minimized, and effort in researching feasibility of solution and unknown factor could be reduced. Most importantly, time spent on these effort could be saved up to do something else! Also, each template will associate with a “bundled project” where you could now have something to show your customer and give them a brief image how the system is going to look like.

So how would I know the “tested” solution is reliable? Each template will be scaled with “maturity” 0 to 10 (the higher the value the more reliable it is), as more and more feedback gained from various programmers, more unknowns will be discovered and improve the solution. Also, by using our “Schematics-like” tool, users could design their own template as well with drag-and-drop server, database symbol etc. Once they complete their design, relevant IT solution will be generated automatically and the template will be marked with “maturity” 0 until our team gives it a test.



-Why Software development takes so long?

Why you should support
BackEnd Factory?

– A lot of time and resources wasted: In current days, software development still consumes a lot of time to discover unknown and check for feasibility of its solution. For some of the cases millions invested but after a few years later, the design been proved not feasible.

– Immature software design could caused death:

1) Therac-25:

2) Cluster:

and lot more. Unreliable and untested solutions don’t just cost loss in resources, it might also bring harms to life.

– Everything goes online today. Non-IT students have a lot of ideas, but programming is not an easy subject for them to learn from scratch. By providing step to step guidance, everything will become easier for them.


This platform will bring a huge impact in IT industry’s history. It provides accurate information / design and system view to our fellows, reduce their time needed to become a professional programmer.

Which resources do you need for the project?

30% of the prize money will be used to rent a server online.

70% of the prize money will be used on marketing purpose. After minimum viable product completed, we will put it into beta-test for 3 months and targeting our users whom (non-IT or IT students) are still studying in university.

After 2 or 3rd release, we will starting to promote our platform to fellow peers by using the money to organize various competition, to encourage them in using our platform to create their application within 2 weeks to prove that:

– Our product can indeed speed up the process in developing IT product.

– Even inexperienced non-IT student could create a software within short period.

Where will BackEnd Factory
go in the future?

Backend Factory will become an online platform as famous as Facebook. Benefits could even extend to primary school kids whom are interested in product design, could you imagine the future like Big Hero 6?

By the time Backend Factory is known by people around the world it will not just be a platform which provides solution, but it will transform into a reliable platform to promote new technologies and exchange of ideas in world-wide structure.

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Who is behind BackEnd Factory?

Founder, Programmer

My Skills: Various projects experience (Kinect, Android, Arduino and Mobile App etc), System Thinking

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