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Amy Ferreira

I cater to your Wedding or Party music needs!

I have always dreamed of being a fun addition to any party. I would love to expand my little party venture to upgrade and add on to my equipment.

My Dj-ing style is very eclectic and can cater to diverse tastes and party favourites. I am a supporter of the LQBT+ community and would love to cater to those wedding as well.

Why you should support
Amy Ferreira?

The support from my community for this project will be so appreciated as I feel like a little boost to land my dream job, djing at events and having better equipment.

What is the project’s current state?

The project to become a Wedding (predominately) and party DJ takes a lot of practice behind my gear to get me on par skill wise. I also feel that way I can be confident when I am catering this service to people on the dance floor. I have Dj mixing decks that is portable.

Which resources do you need for the project?

Resources I do need are ones that will help me as a little single unit performer. These would include Smoke Machine, A big carry case for my Dj equipment (that stuff ain’t cheap), some funky lights, microphone and an effects pad. I will also need to advertise more, and getting this grant would just be able to help promote myself so much better.

Where will Amy Ferreira
go in the future?

I see this project evolving into beautiful things.

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Who is behind Amy Ferreira?

Self Managed

My Skills: I will make time to be a more personalized with potential clients.

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