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Access CV

We provide free CV, application and interview coaching to young Australians.

Not everyone knows how to write a killer CV, a brilliant application or how to ace an interview. Many people don’t have access to the awesome careers counsellors that help develop these skills.

Consequently, people miss out on opportunities that would otherwise change their lives, simply because they didn’t know how to properly communicate their talent and incredible potential.

Here at Access CV, we want to fix this. We enable youth to communicate their potential to others by developing their CV, application and interview skills – for free.

We aim to reach high school students who don’t have access to the careers counsellors or resources to help them develop their CV, application and interview skills – targeting senior high school students from public schools, regional areas, or other demographics of disadvantage.

Why you should support
Access CV?

There are plenty of scholarships and opportunities out there for students. But unless students know the skills to be able to effectively communicate their potential in a CV, application or interview, no one is going to give them such life changing opportunities.

Access CV is different – we help youth communicate their already amazing potential to others, on a simple, easy to use platform that has the potential to reach nation wide.

What is the project’s current state?

We launched Access CV in March 2017, and have so far received 10 users of the service. We are looking for funding and partnerships to expand our marketing and outreach.

Which resources do you need for the project?

We require:
– funding to ensure the sustainability of the website and service.
– funding and mentorship to guide our outreach and marketing campaign to reach more schools
– professional services able to provide legal advice on maintaining confidentiality throughout our service

Where will Access CV
go in the future?

Access CV will be successful if it is able to reach students nationwide and is as seriously considered a resource for students as any career counsellor would be.

Being a not-for-profit, we hope that in the long term Access CV grows to be sustainable – with a large group of volunteers and receiving consistent funding. Once Access CV reaches this stage, I hope to partner it as a service within another education organisation or group.

Access CV is looking for collaborators

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Who is behind Access CV?


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