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9 rivers : Invasive

A project to explore scientific data, VR tools and storytelling about Rivers.

The intention with the 9 Rivers project and the overall Words for Water program of work is to engage the audience about the cultural and meditative aspects of water and about increasing awareness of issues that affect the river system health.
The rivers carry stories. These are stories that have survived of hundreds if not thousands of years, evolving, as the river’s hydrology has changed over time. In Australia there are over 40 First Nations that connect to it’s largest river, the Murray, and songlines travel with the flows from source to sea. Each part of the river is a part of the body in the songlines and there is an acknowledgement that if the river is sick then so are the people.
Many rivers are monitored for their health. Testing can look at a range of issues – water temperatures, water oxygen levels, salinity, PH and other indicators that can measure the health of the river. Also the health of the communities is impacted by what happens upstream and downstream. Some flora and fauna are thriving in this changing environment and some species are struggling. The impact of invasive species such as European Carp have had a massive impact on the biodiversity and health of the river system.
Humans have intervened in the course of the river over time, effectively changing the story of the waters. Some rivers no longer flow. Some are hidden under buildings and roads. And some have changed over millennia as a result of other changes in the ecosystem.

This project is for everyone – to learn about our inland river systems and some of the challenges facing the health of our rivers. This project is supported by esteemed professors Ross Thompson and Tariq Ezaz from the Institute of Applied Ecology at University of Canberra.

Why you should support
9 rivers : Invasive?

This project is aimed at helping people in a number of ways: to support and encourage skills and creativity, to help build connections across communities and to support and encourage better decision-making around energy use. If the pilot project is successful, we plan to roll out the workshop model to other communities in Australia and beyond. Regarding my personal career development – it will bring together my skills and experience in the arts with my other work experience in energy efficiency and environmental sustainability.

Which resources do you need for the project?

We need funding to buy computer hardware and VR setup so we can co-develop environments and also to have these tools available in the workshops.

Where will 9 rivers : Invasive
go in the future?

All over the world!! Our goal is to work with communities everywhere to support energy ’empowerment’.
If the workshop model and VR experience is successful we plan to expand to other communities in Australia and beyond. The pilot workshop is not focused on raising funds as it would be free to participants. In subsequent workshops we would consider how to make it financially viable as an educational program as well as a VR game. Personally speaking, I would also be expanding on my technical skills and knowledge about educating people about energy in a different context through the use of VR.

9 rivers : Invasive is looking for collaborators

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Who is behind 9 rivers : Invasive?

Creative Director

My Skills: I have been active as a media artist, project manager and art/sci educator for over 20 years.

Josiah, Technical Director

Male, 38

My Skills: VR,Software development,Teaching

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