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3101: A Turn-Based GAME Design

A revolutionary design of turn-based game with unique game mechanism and level-up system.

  • Season 03 Project with 14 Supporters

3101 is a dual player turn-based strategy game designed to let each player control 3 characters draw actions on a 9-by-9 grid arena. The unique idea we introduce is the PLAN-AND-EXECUTE system during each round. In every round, the player need to plan and assign actions to their characters during the same planning phase. After that, both players go through executing period, characters will release their ability attacks or make movements with regard to their speed points. Characters will unlock stats points while they level up.

We are targeting our users to play this game while their fragmentation time (i.e. waiting for bus, using toilet, etc,.) and it will be brought up to portable devices platform in the end. As for our alpha testing version, a PC compatible prototype will be published to various game develop communities to gather feedbacks and suggestions. Once we obtain some valuable ideas from those hard-core gamers from communities, both hard-core gamers and casual users will have chance to try on it.

Why you should support
3101: A Turn-Based GAME Design?

3101 is an innovative turn-based game with unique gameplay, diversified strategy, and carefully designed appearance. With your support, we believe that this brand-new design will win a place and reputation in the mobile game industry. We welcome all kinds of support from you, not only fundings, but also a diversity of feedbacks after having a little bit of play. Our goal is to provide you with a similar but different gameplay experience and lead the whole industry to a new era in the future.

Which resources do you need for the project?

At this stage, we are looking for equipment that can aid us with polishing and testing the alpha version. This might include:
A professional touch screen tablet (for illustrating).
A stable server (to replace the current cheap server for storing user information).

Where will 3101: A Turn-Based GAME Design
go in the future?

In the future, this project will be a milestone for this specific game idea if we manage to publish it to a even broader platform. The journey will never end with polishing, optimising the game experience, and offering new modes to users.

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Who is behind 3101: A Turn-Based GAME Design?

Graphic Designer

My Skills: Effective communication, Graphics Design, Management.

Game Developer

Male, 24

My Skills: Game Idea,Game Development,Management

Game Developer

Male, 24

My Skills: Game Idea, Game Development,Management

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