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Summer of Stir: Impact Comics

We recently had the chance to catch up with Mal Briggs, one of the founders of Impact Comics, Canberra’s largest retailer of comics, manga, graphic novels, and comics related toys, T-Shirts, statues, DVDs and more.

We spoke to him about how his long love for comics led him and a friend to open the Impact Comics store, and how it has become a bridge for people looking to explore the amazing artform that are comics and graphic novels.

We also heard the story of the Impact Comics Festival, and how it organically grew from being a halloween sale and has now become a “farmers’ market” for comics, with a special focus on independent Australian authors and illustrators. The Impact Comics Festival is a family-friendly open air market where creators and fans can meet.

It will take place on the 20th of November, 2016 from 11am to 4pm. For more information, visit their Facebook event page.

We are also proud to announce that we will be sponsoring the Impact Comics Festival through the Summer of Stir. If you’re taking part in the festival, or would like to know more about the Summer of Stir, visit our journal article.

Check out the Stir Podcast to hear the full story!

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